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This category is for possible signs and symptoms of ME/CFS.

Symptom llsts for different diagnostic crieria:

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Anaphylaxis, Anxiety, Auditory sequencing problems, Aural problems, Blackouts, Bladder dysfunction, Bloating, Bradycardia, Breathing problems in ME/CFS, Cerebral hypoperfusion, Chemical sensitivities, Chest pain, Chronotropic incompetence, Cognitive overload, Daytime sleepiness, Delayed onset of post-exertional symptoms, Difficulty comprehending social cues, Difficulty learning new information, Difficulty processing information, Distractability, Dyslexia, Dysmenorrhea, Dysphagia, Emotional liability, Excessive sweating, Executive function problems, Fingerprint change, Formication, Heart rate variability, Heartburn, Hot flushes, Hyperesthesia, Hypersensitivity, Hypersomnia, Impaired depth perception, Inflammation, Irregular menstrual cycles, Joint hypermobility, Light-headedness, Low motivation, Marked, rapid physical and/or cognitive fatigability in response to exertion, Multi-tasking problems, Muscular problems, Myoclonus, Neuralgia, Neuroendocrine symptoms, Night sweat, Nocturia, Odor sensitivities, Orientation in space problems, Panic attack, Paresis, Personality change, Planning problems, Post-exertional exhaustion: immediate or delayed, Receptive language problems, Recovery period is prolonged, usually taking 24 hours or longer, Respiratory depression, Scotomata, Sinusitis, Skin itch, Skin rash, Slowed thought, Somnolence, Subnormal body temperature, Tachycardia, Tremor, Urinary urgency, Urticaria, Weight change

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