Treatment trials

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This page lists the recent as well as the ongoing registered medical trials on treatments for the symptoms of myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) and post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection (PASC) as well as their results - if available.

Abbreviations[edit | edit source]

The following abbreviations and symbols are used in the tables below:

Trial type (TT)
Abbreviation Meaning
NRCT Non-randomized controlled trial
OLT Open-label trial
RCT Randomized controlled trial
Condition of the trial subjects (CS)
Abbreviation Meaning
ME Myalgic encephalomyelitis
Trial phase (TP)
Abbreviation Meaning
1-4 Trial phase 1-4
n/a Trial phase not applicable
Treatment category (TC)
Abbreviation Meaning
C Complementary and alternative medicine
D Drug (pharmacotherapy)
O Other
P Psychotherapy
R Rehabilitation
S Supplements

Completed trials[edit | edit source]

Study completion TC Treatment Targeted symptoms Link / study ID Study results TT TP CS
2022-01-19 O Biosound many NCT05848401 - OLT n/a LC
2022-01-20 O Physical exercise & oxygen cardiopulmonary NCT04898205 OLT n/a LC
2022-01-21 O Virtual SFCAMINA many NCT04593225 - RCT n/a ME
2022-01-31 D Ruconest neurological NCT04705831 - RCT 4 PC
2022-01-31 D S-1226 respiratory NCT04949386 - RCT 2 PC
2022-02-14 S Formula C™ many NCT04828668 inconclusive[1] RCT n/a LC, PC
2022-02-22 D Fluvoxamine (SSRI) parosmia NCT05216614 - RCT 2 PC
2022-02-28 R Computerized cognitive training cognitive NCT05571852 OLT n/a LC, PC
2022-03-07 D Sodium pyruvate nasal spray many NCT04871815 headache-, coughing/sneezing-, hypoxemia-, dyspnea-[2] OLT 2/3 LC, PC
2022-03-10 R Inspiratory muscle training pulmonary, strength NCT04811859 RCT n/a PC
2022-03-15 S Palmitoylethanolamide & Luteolin cognitive NCT05311852 RCT n/a LC
2022-03-30 R Rehabilitation (online) respiratory, neurological NCT05074771 OLT n/a PC
2022-04-22 C Homeopathy many NCT05104749 RCT 3 LC, PC
2022-05-01 R Physical exercise (online) pain, cardiopulmonary capacity, mood, quality of life NCT04983394 RCT n/a PC
2022-06-08 D Prospekta asthenia NCT05074888 negligible improvements[3] RCT 3 PC
2022-06-29 D AXA1125 muscles, fatigue NCT05152849 fatigue-[4] RCT 2 LC
2022-07-01 R Nordic walking fatigue, quality of life NCT05453188 OLT n/a LC, PC
2022-07-18 D LYT-100 respiratory NCT04652518 - RCT 2 PC
2022-07-30 C Laser acupuncture immunological, dyspnea NCT05271500 RCT n/a PC
2022-07-31 O TDCS fatigue, cognition, depression, quality of life NCT05252481 RCT n/a PC
2022-09-01 O Self-management many NCT05268523 RCT 1/2 LC, PC
2022-10-10 S Curcumin & Boswellia serrata & Vitamin C many NCT05150782 OLT n/a LC, PC
2022-10-13 O Virtual self-management many NCT05107440 OLT n/a LC
2022-10-14 R Cardiorespiratory telerehabilitation many NCT04996212 RCT n/a LC, PC
2022-11-18 S Bioarginina C (supplement) physical exhaustion, systemic inflammation, endothelial function NCT04947488 OLT n/a PC
2022-11-20 R High tone power therapy fitness, fatigue NCT05217771 RCT n/a PC
2022-11-30 R Computerized cognitive training fatigue, cognitive NCT05582603 OLT 2 PC
2022-12-01 R Circuit training fitness NCT05323331 RCT n/a PC
2022-12-04 D Probiotic many NCT05080244 - RCT n/a LC
2022-12-05 O Vagus nerve stimulation many NCT05608629 mood+, fatigue-[5] OLT n/a ME
2022-12-10 R Diagrammatic breathing & resistance training many NCT05543551 OLT n/a PC
2022-12-20 R Whole body vibration training fitness, many NCT05119634 RCT n/a PC
2022-12-20 D Emoxypine & Meldonium fatigue NCT05939622 fatigue-[6] RCT 4 PC
2022-12-30 O Pulsed ectromagnetic field / pulmonary rehabilitation pulmonary NCT05379517 RCT n/a PC
2022-12-30 R Physiotherapy (online) fitness, quality of life NCT04742946 OLT n/a LC
2022-12-31 D Oxaloacetate fatigue NCT05273372 fatigue--[7] RCT n/a ME
2022-12-31 R Multidisciplinary rehabilitation (online) many NCT04961333 RCT n/a LC
2022-12-31 O Stellate ganglion block many NCT05812209 OLT n/a LC
2023-01-04 O Vagus nerve stimulation fatigue NCT05679505 RCT n/a PC
2023-01-06 D Medical marijuana (CBD) safety of CBD NCT04997395 CBD is safe[8] OLT 2 LC
2023-01-12 C Homeopathy cough, dyspnea, fatigue NCT05715554 OLT n/a PC
2023-01-15 D Loratidine many CTRI/ 2022/07/043679 - RCT 4 LC
2023-01-23 D Low dose naltrexone & NAD+ fatigue NCT04604704 - OLT 2 PC
2023-01-31 R Balneotherapy & aquatic exercise many NCT05765591 RCT n/a PC
2023-01-31 S Quercetin many NCT05730660 fatigue-, sleep issues-[9] RCT n/a ME
2023-01-31 S ImmunoVita (supplement) many NCT04301609 no significant improvements[10] RCT n/a ME
2023-01-31 R Inspiratory muscle training many NCT05196529 - OLT n/a PC, ME
2023-02-01 R Robotic assisted hand rehabilitation health, independence, range of motion NCT06137716 OLT n/a PC, ME
2023-02-02 R Diaphragmatic exercises / incentive spirometer pulmonary NCT05787275 RCT n/a PC
2023-02-22 D Vortioxetine (SSRI) cognitive NCT05047952 cognitive=[11] RCT 2 PC
2023-02-28 R Pulmonary rehabilitation pulmonary NCT05496842 OLT n/a PC
2023-03-02 O Portable oxygen concentrator pulmonary NCT05212831 OLT n/a LC
2023-03-23 R Pulmonary rehabilitation pulmonary NCT05402007 RCT n/a LC, PC
2023-03-30 O Vagus nerve stimulation neuropsychological NCT05389592 RCT n/a LC, PC
2023-03-31 O Vagus nerve stimulation pain NCT05205577 OLT n/a LC
2023-03-31 D RSLV-132 fatigue NCT04944121 - RCT 2 PC
2023-04-21 S Omega 3 many NCT05121766 RCT 1 PC
2023-05-18 D Dextroamphetamine fog NCT05597722 - RCT 4 PC
2023-05-23 O Hydrogen water & biofeedback many NCT05397626 OLT 1 ME
2023-05-31 R Cardiopulmonary exercise many NCT05035628 RCT n/a LC
2023-05-31 R Physical exercise many NCT05204511 OLT 1 LC, PC
2023-05-31 R Physical exercise many NCT06016192 OLT n/a PC
2023-06-01 C Cupping therapy immunological NCT05901337 OLT n/a PC
2023-06-01 O Hyperbaric oxygen therapy pulmonary NCT05977166 OLT n/a PC
2023-06-06 O Plasma Exchange Therapy many NCT05445674 RCT 2 PC
2023-06-30 P Mindfulness many NCT05566379 OLT n/a LC, PC
2023-06-30 P Adhera (fatigue digital program) many NCT05483829


OLT n/a LC
2023-07-06 R Osteopathy & Physiotherapy fatigue NCT05012826 RCT n/a LC
2023-07-21 S Lithium fatigue, fog NCT05618587 RCT 2 LC
2023-07-27 D TNX-102 SL pain NCT05472090 - RCT 2 PC
2023-07-30 R Physiotherapy with neuromodulation fatigue, sleep, quality of life NCT05681455 RCT n/a PC
2023-07-31 D Valacyclovir & Celecoxib (IMC-2) fatigue, pain, POTS Virios PR CTA - OLT 2 PC
2023-07-31 R Resistance exercise fitness, fatigue NCT04900961 OLT n/a LC
2023-07-31 O TDCS many NCT05780450 OLT n/a LC, PC
2023-08-01 R Physical exercise (online) fitness, sleep, anxiety, depression NCT05381675 RCT n/a PC
2023-08-02 R Cardiorespiratory rehabilitation (online) fatigue, PEM, fitness NCT05973136 OLT n/a PC
2023-08-10 C Homeopathy many NCT06002230 OLT n/a LC
2023-08-11 D PRS-220 pulmonary fibrosis NCT05473533 - RCT 1 n/a
2023-08-30 R Sensory re-education training disability, tactile sensation, handgrip strength NCT05911113 RCT n/a PC
2023-08-30 R Physical exercise many NCT05961462 RCT n/a LC
2023-08-31 R Rehabilitation fatigue NCT05599906 OLT n/a LC
2023-08-31 D Montelukast respiratory NCT04695704 - RCT 3 LC
2023-09-01 S Magnesium & Vitamin D many NCT05630339 RCT n/a PC
2023-09-12 D Metoprolol (beta blocker) tachycardias, POTS, hypertension NCT05096884 - OLT 1 PC
2023-09-12 D Nirmatrelvir & ​Ritonavir (Paxlovid) many NCT05576662 - RCT 2 PC
2023-09-22 R Inspiratory & expiratory muscle training many NCT05597774 RCT n/a LC
2023-09-30 R Physical exercise physical & mental fitness NCT05848518 RCT n/a LC, PC
2023-09-30 P Active coping pain NCT05894629 RCT n/a PC
2023-09-30 D Sulfureous water cardiopulmonary, inflammation NCT06294756 RCT n/a LC, PC
2023-10-01 O GET & CBT many NCT05534997 OLT n/a PC
2023-10-01 D Meplazumab many NCT05813587 RCT 3 PC
2023-10-04 D Somatropin (growth hormone) hormonal NCT03554265 NRCT 3 PC
2023-10-18 D Zofin many NCT05228899 RCT 2 LC
2023-10-30 D Vericiguat fatigue, PEM NCT05697640 RCT 2 PC
2023-10-31 D Medical marijuana many NCT05467904 RCT n/a LC
2023-11-01 D IV Rintatolimod (Ampligen) many NCT05592418 RCT 2 PC, ME
2023-11-03 D Probiotic: VSL#3® many NCT05874089 RCT n/a LC
2023-11-06 O Triphala & HIIT immune system, oxidative stress NCT06208761 inconclusive[12] RCT 2 LC
2023-11-14 R Physical and respiratory rehabilitation many NCT05629884 OLT n/a LC, PC
2023-11-30 R Telerehabilitation many NCT05817032 OLT n/a LC
2023-11-30 P Cognitive training cognitive, anxiety, depression NCT05629897 OLT n/a LC, PC
2023-11-30 P CBT & mindfulness pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia NCT05815693 OLT n/a LC, PC
2023-11-30 C Acupuncture fog, cognitive NCT06144320 RCT n/a PC
2023-11-30 R Physiotherapy many NCT05040893 OLT n/a LC
2023-12-01 D Pimozide tinitus NCT05507372 OLT n/a PC
2023-12-11 D Probiotic many NCT05975034 RCT n/a LC
2023-12-28 C Tai chi strength NCT05501067 RCT n/a PC
2023-12-30 D Fampridine cognitive NCT05274477 RCT n/a PC
2023-12-30 O Stellate ganglion block & Bupivacaine many NCT05638620 OLT 1 LC, PC
2023-12-30 C Yoga & self-management many NCT05697042 OLT n/a LC
2023-12-30 R Rehabilitation fatigue NCT04836351 OLT n/a PC
2023-12-31 O Electrical stimulation pain, fatigue, strength, endurance NCT05200858 RCT n/a LC, PC
2023-12-31 D Niagen cognitive, depression, anxiety NCT04809974 RCT 4 LC
2023-12-31 R Physical exercise cardiopulmonary NCT05566483 OLT n/a LC
2023-12-31 C Yoga & breathing & meditation many NCT05139979 RCT n/a LC, PC
2023-12-31 D Pre-probiotic fatigue NCT06013072 RCT n/a PC
2023-12-31 D Remdesivir many NCT04978259 OLT 4 LC
2023-12-31 D CI-581a, CI-581b (glutamate modulator) depression NCT05690503 RCT 2 PC
2023-12-31 C TaiChi-DTx (software) cognitive, physical activity NCT05419219 OLT n/a LC
2023-12-31 O Hyperbaric oxygen therapy pulmonary NCT04905888 open RCT 2 LC
2023-12-31 R Respiratory music therapy pulmonary, many NCT05231512 OLT n/a PC
2023-12-31 S Creatine many NCT02374112 RCT n/a ME
2024-01-30 O Omega 3 & Telerehabilitation fatigue, fitness, depression, anxiety NCT06063031 RCT n/a PC
2024-01-31 D Beclomethasone hyposmia NCT05970731 RCT 2 LC, PC
2024-01-31 D Bupivacaine many NCT05664711 OLT 1 ME
2024-01-31 R Online respiratory physiotherapy pulmonary NCT05572346 OLT n/a LC
2024-01-31 R Sub-symptom threshold Aerobic rehabilitation many NCT06172803 RCT n/a LC
2024-02-01 C Chinese herbal medicine fatigue NCT05684952 RCT 2 LC
2024-02-01 O Autologous stem-cell transplantation many NCT05669261 OLT 1 LC, PC
2024-02-01 P Psychology sleep, anxiety, depression NCT05951803 RCT n/a LC
2024-02-01 D Solriamfetol fatigue, cognitive NCT04622293 RCT 4 ME
2024-02-29 R Home-based physical training fitness, fatigue, cognitive NCT05360563 OLT n/a PC
2024-02-29 R Cognitive rehabilitation many NCT05731570 OLT n/a LC
2024-02-29 P Self-management many NCT05658536 RCT n/a PC
2024-02-29 O Vagus nerve stimulation dysautonomia, fatigue, dyspnea, PEM, quality of life NCT05630040 RCT n/a LC
2024-02-29 R Physical exercise / incentive spirometry pulmonary, fitness NCT06191367 RCT n/a PC
2024-03-31 R Heart rate variability & biofeedback many NCT05228665 general symptoms- [13] OLT n/a LC

Ongoing trials[edit | edit source]

Estimated study completion TC Treatment Targeted symptoms Link / study ID TT TP CS
2024-03-27 R Rehabilitation many NCT05855356 RCT n/a PC
2024-03-30 P Psychology & breathing exercises many NCT05705154 RCT 1/2 LC
2024-03-31 P Cognitive behavioral therapy fitness, fatigue, anxiety, depression NCT05196451 RCT n/a PC
2024-03-31 D Nirmatrelvir & Ritonavir many NCT05823896 RCT 2 LC
2024-03-31 R Virtual home-based rehabilitation many NCT05298878 OLT n/a LC
2024-03-31 O Nutrition & chronobiology & physical exercise many NCT05719493 OLT n/a ME
2024-03-31 O Low carb diet many NCT05836402 RCT n/a LC
2024-03-31 O Nutrition & physical rehabilitation many NCT05254301 OLT n/a PC
2024-03-31 O Immunoadsorption many NCT05841498 RCT n/a PC
2024-03-31 D BIO 300 respiratory NCT04482595 RCT 2 PC
2024-04-06 O IVIG (immunotherapy) neurological NCT05350774 RCT 2 PC
2024-04-20 R Inspiratory muscle training health parameters, fatigue NCT06091358 OLT n/a LC
2024-04-30 S Oxaloacetate fatigue NCT05840237 RCT n/a LC
2024-04-30 C Bright light fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, depression NCT05677932 RCT n/a LC
2024-04-30 R Home-based physical exercise strength, fatigue, dyspnoea NCT06073002 OLT n/a LC
2024-05-31 P Psychoeducation cognitive NCT05167266 OLT n/a LC
2024-05-31 O Hydroxy gas many NCT06159296 RCT n/a LC
2024-06-01 D Low dose naltrexone (oral) pain, inflammation, fatigue NCT05430152 RCT 2 PC
2024-06-01 D Sirolimus pulmonary fibrosis NCT04948203 OLT 3 COVID
2024-06-07 R Pulmonary rehabilitation (online) / physical activity fitness NCT05299333 RCT n/a PC
2024-06-15 P Amygdala & insula retraining fatigue NCT05851846 OLT n/a LC
2024-06-28 O TDCS & Chlorella Pyreinodosa biomarkers (B12, metilmalonic acid, homocysteine) NCT06255600 RCT n/a LC
2024-06-28 O TDCS many NCT06074848 OLT 2 PC
2024-06-30 O TDCS fatigue, cognition, depression, sleep, pain NCT05753202 OLT n/a PC
2024-06-30 O Faecal microbiota transplantation sleep, anxiety, fatigue NCT05556733 OLT n/a LC, PC
2024-06-30 S Vitamin K2 & D3 biomarkers NCT05356936 OLT n/a LC, PC
2024-06-30 D Temelimab neuropsychiatric NCT05497089 RCT 2 PC
2024-06-30 O Hyperbaric oxygen therapy many NCT04842448 RCT 2 PC
2024-06-30 D LAU-7b many NCT05999435 RCT 2/3 LC
2024-06-30 R Breathing techniques & yoga pulmonary, fatigue NCT05732571 RCT n/a PC
2024-06-30 O Self-management many NCT06208696 NRCT n/a LC
2024-07-01 D Nirmatrelvir & ​Ritonavir (Paxlovid) many NCT05595369 RCT 2 COVID, LC
2024-07-30 R Qigong physical health NCT05675995 OLT n/a LC, PC
2024-07-30 S Lithium many NCT06108297 OLT 1 LC
2024-07-30 S Resveratrol & Quercetin asthma, breathing NCT05601180 RCT n/a LC
2024-07-31 O External encounter counterpulsation fatigue NCT05668039 RCT n/a LC
2024-07-31 O Vagus nerve stimulation many NCT05445427 OLT n/a PC
2024-07-31 R Incentive spirometry many NCT05813873 RCT n/a LC
2024-08-01 O GWAS (Genome-wide association study) many DecodeME GWAS n/a ME
2024-08-31 O Hyperbaric oxygen therapy many NCT06159309 OLT n/a PC
2024-08-31 C Acupuncture & TCM cognitive NCT06042777 RCT n/a LC
2024-08-31 D Cetirizine / Famotidine many NCT05946551 RCT 3 LC
2024-09-01 D Ivabradin POTS NCT05481177 RCT 4 LC, PC
2024-09-01 R Pulmonary rehabilitation pulmonary NCT05244044 RCT n/a LC
2024-09-01 R Diaphragmatic breathing many NCT06330376 RCT n/a PC
2024-09-25 O Ultrasound fatigue NCT06189066 OLT n/a PC
2024-09-30 P Psychotherapeutic intervention many NCT05453201 OLT n/a LC, PC
2024-09-30 O Electronic case management (software) many NCT05019963 RCT n/a LC
2024-09-30 R Cognitive training cognitive NCT05338749 OLT n/a LC, PC
2024-10-08 R Physical exercise (online) fitness, cardiopulmonary, sleep NCT05205460 RCT n/a PC
2024-10-31 R Inspiratory muscle training fitness, blood pressure, neurovascular ctrl. NCT06091384 RCT n/a PC
2024-10-31 D Nirmatrelvir & ​Ritonavir (Paxlovid) many NCT05668091 RCT 2 LC
2024-10-31 O RegeneCyte many NCT05682560 RCT 2 LC
2024-10-31 R Physical exercise cardiopulmonary NCT06065033 OLT n/a LC, PC
2024-10-31 R Multi-disciplinary recovery program many NCT05167227 RCT n/a LC
2024-10-31 D Valacyclovir & Celecoxib fatigue NCT06316843 RCT 2 LC, PC
2024-11-30 D Efgartigimod POTS NCT05633407 RCT 2 PC
2024-11-30 O Hydrogen water fatigue, physical function, stress NCT06227273 OLT n/a ME
2024-12-01 R NeuroFlex (brain training software) cognitive, fatigue, depression NCT05705193 OLT n/a LC
2024-12-01 R Cognitive rehabilitation cognitive NCT0567604 OLT n/a LC
2024-12-01 O Sauna many NCT05931497 OLT n/a LC
2024-12-15 S ImmuneRecov (proteins & supplements) pulmonary NCT06166030 OLT 3 PC
2024-12-30 R Breathing exercises blood oxygen level NCT06165835 OLT n/a LC, PC
2024-12-31 C Multimodal integrative naturopathic therapy many NCT04927403 OLT n/a PC
2024-12-31 O Mindfulness with Muse S™ Headband stress, anxiety NCT05199233 OLT n/a PC
2024-12-31 S Prednisolone & Vitamin B1, B6 and B12 many NCT05638633 RCT 3 PC
2024-12-31 O Photobiomodulation oral complaints NCT05760092 RCT 2 LC
2024-12-31 R Inspiratory muscle training dyspnea NCT05024474 RCT n/a LC, PC
2024-12-31 R Cognitive trainig & physical activity & mindfulness many NCT05846126 RCT n/a LC, PC
2024-12-31 D Metformin many NCT06147050 RCT 3 PC
2024-12-31 D Atorvastatin neurocognitive NCT04904536 OLT 3 LC
2024-12-31 D Prednisolone cognitive NCT05986422 RCT 2 PC
2024-12-31 S Cacao flavonoid fatigue, handgrip strength, perceived wellbeing NCT06064838 OLT n/a LC
2024-12-31 S Melatonin & Zinc many NCT05454683 RCT n/a ME
2024-12-31 R Cardiopulmonary exercise cardiopulmonary NCT05539950 RCT n/a PC, ME
2024-12-31 S Sodium citrate parosmia NCT06204432 RCT 2 PC
2024-12-31 R Physical exercise many NCT05094622 OLT n/a PC, ME
2024-12-31 S Floradapt Intensive GI (Probiotic) GI inflammation, many NCT06211062 RCT 2 ME
2024-12-31 R Interrupted sitting PEM, cognitive, quality of life NCT05453175 RCT n/a LC
2025-01-15 R Chiropractic fatigue NCT05693064 RCT n/a LC
2025-01-30 O Repeat immunoadsorption many NCT05629988 OLT n/a PC, ME
2025-01-31 O CPAP fog, neuropsychological NCT06052514 OLT n/a PC
2025-01-31 S Nicotinamide riboside & MBRT many NCT05703074 RCT 2 LC
2025-01-31 O TDCS many NCT05791812 OLT n/a ME
2025-02-15 O Umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cell therapy caugh NCT05808400 NRCT n/a LC
2025-02-28 O Immunoadsorption many NCT05710770 RCT 2 PC, ME
2025-02-28 S Nitrate physical fatigue NCT05618574 OLT 3 LC
2025-02-28 D DAOIB cognitive NCT05764538 OLT 2 LC
2025-03-01 O Vagus nerve stimulation many NCT05918965 OLT n/a LC
2025-03-30 P CBT & CRT many NCT05732285 OLT n/a many
2025-03-31 O Mild hyperthermia many NCT06204458 RCT n/a PC
2025-03-31 S Immulina TM (supplement) many NCT05524532 RCT n/a PC, ME
2025-03-31 O Apollo wearable many NCT06097442 OLT n/a LC
2025-04-15 P Vimida (app) fatigue, depression, anxiety, quality of life, ... NCT06251518 RCT n/a PC
2025-04-30 C Electro-acupuncture many NCT05890508 RCT n/a LC
2025-04-30 P Mindfulness mental health NCT05676008 OLT n/a LC
2025-04-30 S N-acetylcysteine many NCT0454216 RCT 2 ME
2025-05-15 D Amantadine cognitive, mood NCT06055244 OLT 1 PC
2025-05-15 D Fluvoxamine many NCT05874037 RCT 2/3 LC
2025-05-18 D Fluvoxamine & Metformin fatigue NCT06128967 RCT 3 LC
2025-05-31 D BC007 many NCT05911009 RCT 2 PC
2025-05-31 D Efgartigimod POTS NCT05918978 OLT 2 PC
2025-06-01 S Pycnogenol many NCT05890534 RCT 3 PC
2025-06-01 R Physical exercise many NCT05877534 RCT n/a PC
2025-06-30 R Physical exercise cardiovascular NCT06168006 RCT n/a PC
2025-07-19 C Acupuncture fatigue NCT05212688 RCT 2 LC
2025-07-30 O Diet & fasting many NCT06214455 OLT n/a LC
2025-07-31 D AER002 many NCT05877508 RCT 2 LC
2025-07-31 R Physical exercise (sensors + app) fitness, quality of life NCT05922865 OLT n/a LC
2025-08-31 O Vagus nerve stimulation fatigue NCT06170645 RCT n/a ME
2025-08-31 O Hyperbaric oxygen therapy neurocognitive NCT06118138 OLT n/a PC
2025-08-31 D Anakinra respiratory NCT05926505 RCT 2/3 LC, PC
2025-08-31 O Stellate ganglion block parosmia NCT06255600 RCT 2 PC
2025-09-01 D VIX001 cognitive, neurological NCT05947617 OLT 1 LC, PC
2025-09-01 R Physical exercise fatigue, fitness NCT06142240 OLT n/a LC
2025-09-30 P Balance acceptance and commitment many NCT06231238 RCT 2 LC, PC
2025-09-30 R Supervised computerized active program cognitive, emotional, functional NCT06315894 OLT n/a LC, PC
2025-11-01 S Ciwujia granules many NCT06245642 RCT 4 ME
2025-11-01 S Testofen many NCT05795816 RCT 3 LC
2025-12-01 R Physical and cognitive exercising many NCT05218174 RCT n/a LC, PC
2025-12-01 D Amantadine cognitive, fatigue, anxiety, depression NCT06234462 RCT 2 LC
2025-12-01 D Remdesivir many NCT05911906 RCT 4 LC
2025-12-20 O HB-adMSCs (allogeneic) many NCT05126563 RCT 2 PC
2025-12-30 O Hyperbaric oxygen therapy many NCT06082518 OLT n/a PC
2025-12-31 O IVIG many NCT06159283 RCT 2 LC, PC
2025-12-31 R Water-based activity fatigue, cognitive NCT06142253 OLT n/a LC
2025-12-31 D Imatinib / Infliximab many NCT05220280 OLT 4 LC
2025-12-31 R Rehabilitation & exercise fatigue NCT06156176 RCT n/a LC, PC
2025-12-31 D Ensitrelvir many NCT06161688 RCT 2 LC
2025-12-31 C Complementary & Integrative medicine online many NCT06004362 RCT n/a PC
2025-12-31 D Ibudilast many NCT05513560 RCT 3 PC
2026-01-31 P Mind body intervention many NCT06045338 OLT n/a LC
2026-02-28 C TCM many NCT06095258 RCT 2 LC
2026-02-28 O Stem cell therapy neurological NCT06156241 OLT 1 LC
2026-03-01 S MCTs & Safflower oil fog NCT05705648 RCT n/a PC
2026-03-30 R Comprehensive rehabilitation fatigue NCT06156202 RCT n/a LC
2026-03-31 D AT1001 (Larazotide) many NCT05747534 RCT 2 LC
2026-03-31 D Lp299v many NCT05227170 RCT n/a LC, PC
2026-04-01 O Hyperbaric oxygen therapy many NCT06267300 RCT 3 PC
2026-04-01 P Lightning Process many NCT05236465 OLT n/a ME
2026-04-28 D Nirmatrelvir & ​Ritonavir (Paxlovid) many NCT05852873 RCT 3 PC
2026-05-15 O Stellate ganglion block parosmia NCT06055270 RCT 3 PC
2026-06-01 R Breath control technique many NCT05851859 OLT n/a LC
2026-06-11 D Rapamycin many NCT06257420 OLT n/a ME
2026-08-01 R Incentive spirometrer respiratory training respiratory NCT06231225 OLT n/a LC
2026-12-01 O Diet & self-management (online) many NCT05057676 OLT n/a many
2026-12-31 D Low dose naltrexone POTS NCT05363514 RCT 4 n/a
2028-01-31 R Smell training and trigeminal nerve stimulation parosmia NCT05855369 RCT 2/3 LC, PC
2028-03-01 D Pregabalin many NCT05967052 RCT 2 ME
2028-09-30 O Weight loss fitness NCT05880108 RCT n/a LC
2028-09-30 O Anti-inflammatory diet fatigue, fitness NCT05977179 RCT n/a LC, PC
2029-03-31 R Cognitive rehabilitation many NCT06086379 RCT n/a LC, PC
2029-12-30 D Baricitinib cognitive NCT05858515 RCT 2 PC