Amygdala and Insula Retraining Program

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The Amygdala and Insula Retraining (AIR) Program is an unproven behavioral therapy that claims to teach people how to "retrain" two specific parts of their brain.[1]

Theory[edit | edit source]


Evidence[edit | edit source]

A clinical trial in Finland has been announced for Amygdala and Insula Retraining for:

Clinicians[edit | edit source]

A trial of AIR training is planned at the Network for Functional Disorders at Helsinki University Hospitals.[1]

Risks and safety[edit | edit source]

Unknown. The trial and ideas behind Amydala and Insula Retraining have been criticized by public health professor David Tuller, who pointed out a number of key flaws and the lack of evidence behind the theory proposed.[2]

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