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A stub is an incomplete page or a brief page in need of expansion. You can see a complete list of stub pages here.

If you see a page that needs further expansion, or if you create a page but can not finish it, you can add a “stub” template tag.

To learn how to insert a “stub” template tag, see MEpedia:Visual editor. If you’re using the source editor, see MEpedia:Source editor.

For more information, see Wikipedia:Stub.

Wanted pages

If you want to indicate that a new page should be created for a topic, simply create a link to that page from some other page. The page will then appear in Special:WantedPages.

If you want the new page to be created in a particular category, then edit the category's page to add a link to the wanted page in this section:

Please create pages for
(remove any blue links from this section)

The page will then appear in Special:WantedPages as well as in the category page.

If the category doesn't yet have this section you can copy it from the MEpedia:Article outlines page using the source editor.