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Clinical doctors who see (or have seen) ME/CFS patients in a clinical setting to offer treatment, and have some level of experience with the disease.

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Alaa Ghali, Alan Carson, Alessandra Borsini, Alexia van der Velde, Alicia Deale, Allergist, Amberly Brigden, Amy Yasko, Andrew Wright, Anil Kumar Jain, Annemie Uyttersprot, Anthony Pelosi, April Ward-Hauge, Arlene Gallagher, Arnold Berstad, Barbara Baumgarten-Austrheim, Bela Chheda, Björn Sigurdsson, Bruce Hoffman, Carine Maurer, Carmine Pariante, Carolyn Chew-Graham, Cecile Jadin, Chantal Bleeker-Rovers, Christopher Burton, Clare Gerada, Cuno Uiterwaal, Daniel Dantini, Daniel Forton, David Buscher, Diane Cox, Dietrich Klinghardt, Dmitry Maltsev, Elena Garralda, Eligio Pizzigallo, Elise van de Putte, Elizabeth L. Maloney, Ellen Bazelmans, Els Tobback, Francis Creed, Gijs Bleijenberg, Harvey Marcovitch, Hazel O'Dowd, Hugo Critchley, Ian Hickie, Ian Hyams, James Mowbray, Jan Kimpen, Jane Fitzpatrick, Jean Monro, Jeannine Hautvast, Jeffrey Sherkey, Jo Daniels, Joan Crawford, Joanne Bond-Kendall, John Whiting, Jonathan Turtle, Katrina Berne, Kent Holtorf, Korine Scheeres, Lawrence Afrin, Leone Ridsdale, Leslie Findley, Lieke de Jong, Loudy Priesterbach, Lucy Clark, Maja Stulemeijer, Matthew Hotopf, Maurice Murphy, Michael Prendergast, Naghmeh Nikkheslat, Natalie Moll, Nereida Littrell, Nilay Hepgul, Paul van Meerendonk, Penny Friedman, Peter Smith, Peter Tarbleton, Phillipe Bottello, Pierre Flor-Henry, Pradip Joshi, Rashmi Cabena, Raymond Perrin, Rebecca Patterson Collier, Richard Edwards, Richard Kwiatek, Robert Fredericks, Roland Staud, Sanne Nijhof, Sarah Knight, Sigrid Hoogveld, Susan Watson, Terry Mitchell, Teruhisa Miike, Theo Anbu, Theo Fiselier, Tim Peto, Tony Crouch, Valeria Mondelli, Ville Valtonen, Vinod Patel, Zuzanna Zajkowska

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