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Science: Citric acid cycle, Mitochondria, Exercise, Natural killer cell, Central nervous system, Nitric oxide hypothesis, Brain, Brain imaging, Microbiome hypothesis, Primer for journalists (Prognosis section), PACE trial

A note on ME v. CFS[edit]

We have separate pages for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, ME/CFS and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as well as SEID. The convention is that the terminology used in an ME-pedia article should match the terminology used in the underlying source. Where there is a tension between the term used in the source and the definition (e.g., ME defined by the Oxford criteria or CFS defined by the Canadian Consensus Criteria), it may be useful for clarity to mention the definition used.

The Disease[edit]

Infectious agents: Aerobic bacteria, Babesia, Bartonella, Borna Disease Virus, Borrelia burgdorferi, Brucella, Chlamydia pneumoniae, Clostridium difficile, Coxiella burnetii, Coxsackie B, Coxsackievirus, Coxsackievirus B3, Coxsackievirus B4, Cyanobacteria, Cytomegalovirus, Ebola virus disease, Echovirus, Enterovirus, Epstein-Barr virus, Hepatitis C, Herpes simplex virus, Herpesviruses, Human herpesvirus 6, Human herpesvirus 7, Influenza A virus subtype H1N1, Mycoplasma, Parvovirus B19, Picornavirus, Poliovirus, Q fever, Staphylococcus, Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus xilosus, Streptococcus, Varicella zoster virus, Virus, Xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus , Brucella, Coxsackie A, Fungal infection,Giardia lamblia, Human T-lymphotropic virus, Influenza, Ross River Virus,

Triggers and risk factors: Blood donation, Brucellosis, Causes of death, Chickenpox, Chlamydia pneumoniae, Coxsackievirus, Cytomegalovirus, Epidemiology of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Epstein-Barr virus, Genetics of chronic fatigue syndrome, Gluten, Herpes simplex virus, Herpesviruses, Human herpesvirus 6, Human herpesvirus 7, Menstrual cycle, Mold, Mononucleosis, Mycoplasma, Parvovirus B19, Pediatric, Poliovirus, Pregnancy, Q fever, Stress, Toxic exposure, Trauma, Tung oil, Vaccine, Varicella zoster virus, Viral onset hypothesis , Candidiasis, Bacterial disease onset, Fungal disease onset

Signs and symptoms: Abdominal pain, Alcohol intolerance, Anxiety, Arthralgia, Ataxia, Attention deficit, Aural problems, Brain fog, Cardiac problems, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Chemical sensitivities, Chest pain, Chronic fatigue (symptom), Chronic pain, Cognitive dysfunction, Cold hands and feet, Confusion, Constipation, Cough, Depression, Development of new sensitivities, Diarrhea, Difficulty thinking, Digestive problems, Dry mouth, Dysautonomia, Dysbiosis, Dyscalculia, Dysphagia, Dyspnea, Ear pain, Emotional dysfunction, Excessive irritability, Excessive sweating, Eye pain, Fatigue, Floaters, Food sensitivities, Gas, Hair loss, Headache, Heart palpitations, Heart rate variability, Hot flushes, Hypersomnia, Hypotension, Inflammation, Insomnia, Intestinal permeability, Irritable bowel syndrome, Low blood volume, Low-grade fever, Medicine sensitivities, Memory problems, Mood swings, Multi-tasking problems, Multiple chemical sensitivity, Muscle fatigability, Muscular problems, Myalgia, Nausea, Neck pain, Neurally mediated hypotension, Nonepileptic seizure, Nonexudative pharyngitis, Numbness, Odour sensitivities, Oral problems, Orthostatic intolerance, Pain, Pallor, Panic attacks, Paralysis, Paresthesia, Personality change, Photophobia, Post-exertional malaise, Postural hypotension, Postural orthostatic tachycardia, Rash, Scotomata, Seizure, Severe premenstrual syndrome, Short QT interval, Sleep dysfunction, Small heart syndrome, Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, Somnolence, Sore throat, Swollen lymph nodes, Telomere shortening, Temperature dysregulation, Temperature sensitivity, Temporomandibular joint disorder, Tinnitus, Unrefreshing sleep, Visual dysfunction, Vomiting, Weight gain, Weight loss, Word-finding problems, Category:Aural signs and symptoms, Category:Cardiac signs and symptoms, Category:Cognitive signs and symptoms, Category:Digestive signs and symptoms, Category:Muscular signs and symptoms, Category:Ocular signs and symptoms, Category:Oral signs and symptoms, Category:Pain signs and symptoms, Category:Psychological signs and symptoms, Category:Sensitivity signs and symptoms, Category:Sleep signs and symptoms , Auditory sequencing problems, Balance problems, Difficulty comprehending social cues, Dyslexia, Executive function problems, Food intolerance, Hypermobility, Low motivation, Orientation in space problems, Planning problems, Receptive language problems, Slowed thought

Medical hypotheses: Acquired immune and mitochondrial dysfunction hypothesis, Amygdala hypothesis*, Autoimmune hypothesis, Encephalitis, Autoimmune encephalitis, Cell danger response, Fatty acid hypothesis, Hygiene hypothesis*, Hypercoagulation hypothesis, Immune exhaustion hypothesis*, Infectious disease hypothesis, Ken Lassesen's model, Methylation cycle hypothesis, Microbiome hypothesis, Mold hypothesis*, Nitric oxide hypothesis, Omega 3 fatty acid hypothesis, Patricia Kane protocol, Vagus nerve hypothesis, Viral onset hypothesis,

Body systems: Adaptive immune system, B cell, Basal ganglia, Blood, Blood-brain barrier, Brain, Cardiovascular system, Central nervous system, Central sensitization, Cytokine, Endocrine system, Fibrin, Gastric acid, Gastrointestinal system, Glial cell, Gut-brain axis, Hippocampus, Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, Immune system, Innate immune system, Interferon, Interleukin, Interleukin 1, Interleukin 16, Interleukin 4, Interleukin 6, Interleukin 7 receptor, Interleukin 8, Intestinal permeability, Leucocyte, Lymphocyte, Microbiome, Microgenderome, Microglia, Mucosal immune system, Musculoskeletal system, Natural killer cell, Natural killer T cell, Nervous system, Neurogenesis, Neuroinflammation, Neurotransmitter, Neutrophil, Occipital cortex, Olfactory bulb, Parasympathetic nervous system, Regulatory T cell, Ribonuclease L, Spinal cord, Sympathetic nervous system, T cell, T helper cell, Thrombosis, Vagus nerve, Vascular endothelial growth factor, Vitamin D receptor, White blood cell, Zonulin , Tumor necrosis factors, VEGF, Leaky gut, Antibody, Autoantibody, Chemokine, Glutamate excitotoxicity, IL-2, IL-10,IL-17, Interleukin 18, Leaky brain, Macrophage

Tests: Arginine vasopressin, Brain imaging, C-reactive protein, Cardiopulmonary exercise testing, CDC 2005 Symptom Inventory for CFS, CellTrend diagnostic test, Diagnostic biomarker, EEG, Exercise, Infectious disease testing, MTHFR and other methylation mutations, National Centre for Neuroimmunology and Emerging Diseases, Orosomucoid, QEEG, Red blood cell magnesium, SF-36, SPECT, Tilt table test, Two-day cardiopulmonary exercise testing , qEEG/LORETA, Erythrocyte sedimentation rate, MRI, Natural Killer Cell (NKC) Function, infectious diseases

Citizen science: 23andMe, American Gut, Any Treatment, British Gut Project,Mendus, Phoenix Rising, UBiome, Know Your Genetics: Dr. Amy Yasko, WellnessFX, CH3Nutrigenomics; Dr. Amy Yasko, MTHFR.net, Genetic Genie, LiveWello

Biochemistry and cell biology: Adenosine monophosphate deaminase, Adenosine triphosphate, Adrenergic receptor, AMP-activated protein kinase, Cell danger response, Cell membrane, Cell signaling, Cellular respiration, Citric acid cycle, Creatine, Creatine kinase, D-Lactate, Docosanoid, Gene expression, Glutathione, Histamine, Lipid raft, Mast cell, Methylation cycle, Mitochondria, Muscarinic acetylcholine receptor, Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, Peroxisome, Phosphatidylcholine, Phospholipid, Resolvin, Tetrahydrobiopterin, Tyrosine , Endocannabinoid, Glucocorticoid, Nitric oxide, Oxidative phosphorylation, Phenylalanine

Nutrients: B vitamins, Biotin, Calcium, Choline, Chromium, Copper, Fluoride, Folate, Iodine, Iron, L-carnitine, Magnesium, Malic acid, Manganese, Mineral, Molybdenum, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Phosphorus, Potassium, Riboflavin, Selenium, Sodium, Thiamine, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Zinc, Category:Vitamins , Deadlock quartet, Sam-e, TMG

Neurotransmitters and hormones: Acetylcholine, Alpha-Melanocyte-stimulating hormone, Calicitriol, Calcidiol, Cortisol, Dopamine, Endorphin, Estriadol, Epinephrine, Estrogen, Glucocorticoid, Glutamate, Histamine, Hormones, Leptin, Melatonin, Neurotransmitters, Norepinephrine, Oxytocin, Progesterone, Prolactin, Prostaglandins, Serotonin, Testosterone, Vasopressin, Thyroid, MSH, HGH

Blood donation

Disease Names & Definitions[edit]



Research initiatives

Studies, biobanks, registries, mailing lists

Disclaimer: The following is a range of some of the interventions (including anecdotal) that have been used by patients to try to treat both individual symptoms and the disease as a whole, some of which have been researched and many which have not. The vast majority lack ANY reliable evidence of efficacy. Many carry significant side-effects and risks. This content is provided for information ONLY. MEpedia is not to be used to diagnose or treat any illness. Patients must consult a clinician before embarking on treatment.


Anti-fungal drugs: Fluconazole, Itraconazole

Other drug treatments: Chelation, Cyclophosphamide, Prednisone, Trazodone, Tramadol

B-cell depletion: Rituximab

Immunomodulators and immunostimulants: Ampligen, Low dose naltrexone, Intravenous immunoglobulin, Staphylococcal vaccine, Interferon

Antivirals: Valganciclovir, Famciclovir, Valaciclovir, Acyclovir

Anti-inflammatory drugs: Sulfasalazine

Herbs, Supplements and Nutraceuticals[edit]

Supplements: Probiotics, AHCC, Magnesium Malate, CoQ10, L-carnitine, MitoQ, NADH, PrescriptAssist, Mutaflor, GcMAF, Colostrum, Transfer factors, Fish oil, EPA, DHA, Taurine, L-Glutamine, Glutathione, Niacinamide, B Vitamin Complex, Adaptogens (Eleuthro, Ginseng, Ashwaganda, Rhodiola, Licorice), Mangosteen, Vegan/non-whey Protein Powders with Amino Acid Complex, Greens Powders, D-Ribose, Quercetin, Nexavir, 5-Hydroxytryptophan, Melatonin, L-arginine, L-citrulline, n-acetylcysteine

Supplement sources: Pure Formulas, Be Well By Dr Frank Lipman, Seeking Health, MITOQ, Aloha, ProHealth, Thrive Marketplace, HolisticHeal, Vitacost.com

Herbs: Medical marijuana, Kampo, Equilibrant

Immunovir, Medicinal mushrooms

Alternative interventions[edit]

Diets: GAPS diet, Ketogenic diet, Low FODMAP Diet, Low Histamine Diet, Paleo diet, RPAH Elimination Diet, Specific carbohydrate diet, Vegan diet, Vegetarian diet, Fasting

Foods: Cocoa (Dark chocolate)

Uncategorized interventions: Traditional Chinese medicine, Cold immersion, Fecal matter transplant/Faecal bacteriotherapy, Helminthic therapy, Pacing, Energy envelope, Hyperbaric oxygen, Exercise, Vagus nerve stimulation, Exercise based on 2-day CPET

Category page: Potential treatments


Australia: Amy Wallis, Donald Lewis, Henry Butt, Katherine Rowe, Mark Donohoe, Michael Oldmeadow, Peter Smith, Rashmi Cabena, Richard Kwiatek, Richard Schloeffel, Sarah Knight, Sonya Marshall-Gradisnik , John Whiting

Belgium: Elke Van Hoof, Kenny De Meirleir , Annemie Uyttersprot (GP)

Canada: A C Peter Powles, Alison Bested, Anil Kumar Jain, Byron Hyde, Eleanor Stein, Jeffrey Sherkey, Pierre Flor-Henry, Pradip Joshi, Category:Clinicians by province

Chile: Ismael Mena

Denmark: Per Fink

Finland: Olli Polo, Ville Valtonen

Germany: Anna Dorothea Hoeck, Carmen Scheibenbogen, Courtney Craig, Wilfried Bieger

Ireland: Austin Darragh

Italy: Nicoletta Carlo-Stella , Lorenzo Lorusso, Eligio Pizzigallo, Umberto Tirelli

Japan: Kunihisa Miwa, Teruhisa Miike

New Zealand: Rosamund Vallings

Norway: Barbara Baumgarten-Austrheim, Harald Nyland, Øystein Fluge

South Africa: Cecile Jadin , Peter Tarbleton

South Korea: Daehyun Jo

Sweden: Carl-Gerhard Gottfries

United Kingdom: Abhijit Chaudhuri, Alastair Miller, Amolak Bansal, Basant Puri, Ben Goldacre, Charles Shepherd, Derek Pheby, Donald Acheson, Gabrielle Murphy, Irving Spurr, James Mowbray, Jean Monro, John Richardson, Jonathan Brostoff, Julia Newton, Leslie Findley, Maurice Murphy, Max Pemberton, Melvin Ramsay, Nigel Speight, Peter Behan, Phil Hammond, Rosemary Underhill, Sarah Myhill, Simon Wessely, Terry Mitchell, Trudie Chalder, William Weir , Breakspear Medical, Vinod Patel, Raymond Perrin, Andrew Wright

United States:

  • California:

Andreas Kogelnik, David Kaufman, Eric Gordon, Erich Ryll, Jane Norris, John Chia, Jon Kaiser, Jose Montoya, Lily Chu , Phillipe Bottello, Kent Holtorf, Open Medicine Foundation, Amy Yasko, Holtorf Medical Group

  • Colorado:

Lisa Corbin, Nelson Gantz

  • Connecticut:

Morris Papernik

  • Florida:

Irma Rey, Jane Fitzpatrick, Maria Vera, Nancy Klimas, Rosemary Underhill , Daniel Dantini

  • Georgia:

Holtorf Medical Group

  • Hawaii:

Jacob Teitelbaum

  • Illinois:

Kristine Healy

  • Iowa:

Arthur Hartz

  • Louisiana :

Adrian Casillas

  • Maryland:

Alan Pocinki, Jacqueline Rose, Peter Rowe, Rebecca Patterson Collier, Ritchie Shoemaker, Stephen Straus , Alan Weiss

  • Massachusetts:

Alan Gurwitt, Anthony Komaroff, Jordan Dimitrakoff, Ronald Tompkins

  • Michigan:

A Martin Lerner, Alisa Koch, Edward Conley

  • Minnesota:

Ann Vincent

  • Mississippi:

Gailen Marshall

  • Missouri:‎

Joseph Brewer

  • Nevada:

Daniel Peterson, Kenny De Meirleir ‎, Robert Fredericks

  • New Jersey:

James Oleske, Malcolm Schwartz, Richard Podell

  • New York:

Benjamin Natelson, Derek Enlander, Gudrun Lange, Julian Stewart, Maureen Hanson, Patricia Fennell, Peter Manu, Susan Levine

  • North Carolina:

Charles Lapp, Laura Black, Paul Cheney

Adrian Casillas

  • Utah:

Lucinda Bateman

  • Virginia:

Gary Kaplan

  • Washington:

Dedra Buchwald

Management guides: Taming the Gorilla (Action for ME), Notes for Carers (Greg Crowhurst), The Purple Booklet (ME Association), Spoon theory, Dental Leaflet for ME Sufferers (The Grace Charity for M.E.), CFS - A Roadmap for Testing and Treatment, Information for Patients and Hospital Staff Regarding Treatment of Patients with M.E. (The Grace Charity for M.E.)

Psychological Paradigm[edit]

Psychological paradigm, mind-body approaches and related interventions: FINE trial, PACE trial, Graded Exercise Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Biopsychosocial model, Deconditioning, Mickel therapy, Lightning Process, Reverse therapy, Gupta programme, Psychoneuroimmunology, Meditation, Bodily distress syndrome, Functional somatic syndrome, Psychosomatic illness, Neurasthenia, Medically unexplained symptoms

Psychological paradigm proponents: Anna Katharina Schaffner, Anthony Cleare, Ben Goldacre, Brian Walitt, Edward Shorter, Esther Crawley, Gabrielle Murphy, Jessica Bavinton, Jim Bolton, Mansel Aylward, Max Pemberton, Michael Sharpe, PACE Trial Management Group, Per Fink, Peter Manu, Peter White, Rona Moss-Morris, Sense About Science, Simon Wessely, Suzanne O'Sullivan, Trudie Chalder, William Reeves

Psychological paradigm critics: Alan Gurwitt, Alan Light, Alison Bested, Angela Kennedy, Arthur Reingold, Betsy Keller, Bruce Levin, Charles Lapp, Charles Shepherd, Christopher Snell, David Bell, David Kaufman, David Tuller, Derek Enlander, Dharam Ablashi, Donald Acheson, Donald Staines, Eleanor Stein, Elisa Oltra, Ellen Goudsmit, Fred Friedberg, Gordon Broderick, Graham McPhee, Ian Gibson, James Baraniuk, James Coyne, James Oleske, John Chia, Jonathan Edwards, Keith Laws, Kenneth Friedman, Leonard Jason, Lily Chu, Lisa Barcellos, Lucinda Bateman, Marcie Zinn, Mark Zinn, Mary Ann Fletcher, Maureen Hanson, Michael VanElzakker, Molly Brown, Nancy Klimas, Nigel Speight, Peter Rowe, Philip Lee, Richard Podell, Ronald Davis, Ronald Tompkins, Rosamund Vallings, Rosemary Underhill, Sonya Marshall-Gradisnik, Staci Stevens, Steven Lubet, Susan Levine, Terry Mitchell, Vincent Lombardi, Vincent Racaniello, William Weir, Zaher Nahle

Patient mental health

By country: Diagnosis, treatments, insurance, disability, etc.[edit]

  • Africa:

Kenya, Nigeria, Category:Kenya, Category:Nigeria, Category:South Africa

  • Asia:

China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Category:China, Category:India, Category:Indonesia, Category:Iran, Category:Israel, Category:Japan, Category:Philippines, Category:Russia, Category:South Korea

  • Europe:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Category:Austria, Category:Belgium, Category:Bulgaria, Category:Croatia, Category:Czech Republic, Category:Denmark, Category:European research initiatives, Category:Finland, Category:France, Category:Germany, Category:Hungary, Category:Iceland, Category:Ireland, Category:Italy, Category:Latvia, Category:Netherlands, Category:Norway, Category:Poland, Category:Romania, Category:Russia, Category:Slovakia, Category:Slovenia, Category:Spain, Category:Sweden, Category:Ukraine, Category:United Kingdom

  • Oceania:

Australia, New Zealand, Category:Australia, Category:New Zealand

  • North America:

Canada, Mexico, United States, Category:Canada, Category:Mexico, Category:United States

  • South America:

Argentina, Brazil, Category:Argentina, Category:Brazil, Category:Chile


Important events timeline

Historical records: Osler's Web, Thirty Years of Disdain

Outbreaks: Outbreaks: Akureyri; Los Angeles 1934; 1937 - Erstfeld, Switzerland; 1937 - St. Gallen, Switzerland; 1939 - Degersheim, St. Gallen, Switzerland; Adelaide 1949; 1953 - Rockville, Maryland, USA; 1954 - Seward, Alaska; 1954 - Dalston, Cumbria, England; Royal Free Hospital 1955; 1955 - Durban and Durban City, South Africa; 1956 - Punta Gorda, Florida, USA; 1958 - Athens, Greece; 1970-71 - London, England; Sacramento 1975; Ayrshire 1980; 1984 - Tapanui & West Otago, New Zealand; Incline Village 1984; 1984 - Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA; 1985 - Lyndonville, New York, USA; Bergen Norway 2004

Deceased patients: Sophia Mirza, Thomas Hennessy, Jr., Vanessa Li, Lynn Gilderdale, Emily Collingridge, Chardale Dotson Irvine, Oliver Coles, Brynmor John, Victoria Elsbury-Legg, Roger Cicero, Jodi Bassett, Memorial Lists

Major developments/controversies: PACE trial, XMRV

ME and CFS in popular culture

Psychosomatic explanations for disease - History of misdiagnosis of illnesses [[1]]

Patient Advocacy[edit]

Patient groups

How To Advocate: Community and System Change

Advocacy/Fundraising Initiatives:

Famous people with ME, CFS, and/or FMS: Alan W. Lear, Amy Peterson, Ann Bannon, Blake Edwards, Brynmor John, Charles Darwin, Cher, Claire Jones, David Provan, David Puttnam, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Emma Blackery, Flea, Florence Nightingale, Frank Carrone, Glenn Beck, Henry Percy, 11th Duke of Northumberland, Howard Bloom, John Rutter, Jonathan Ansell, Katie Flynn, Keith Jarrett, Laura Hillenbrand, Laurie Walker, Leila Pahlavi, List of famous people with ME, CFS, and/or FMS, Margaret of Mar, 31st Countess of Mar, Martin Lev, Martin Phillips, Martine McCutcheon, Michael Crawford, Michael Mayne, Michelle Akers, Miriam Defensor Santiago, Morgan Fairchild, Neil Codling, Nicola Blackwood, Oriah Mountain Dreamer, Paul Atherton, Peter Marshall, Randy Newman, Richie Barnett, Roger Cicero, Sabine Moussier, Shirley Conran, Stevie Nicks, Stuart Murdoch, Susan Blackmore, Susan Harris, Toni Bernhard, Vicky Beeching, Category:Famous people with ME, CFS, and/or FMS by country

Notable people with ME, CFS, and/or FMS: Karina Hansen, Joanne, Sophia Mirza, Thomas Hennessy, Jr., Vanessa Li, Lynn Gilderdale, Emily Collingridge, Whitney Dafoe, Tom Kindlon, Graham McPhee, Jennie Spotila, Naomi Whittingham, Jane Colby, Countess of Mar, Margaret Williams, Brian Vastag, Jennifer Brea, Ryan Prior, Hillary Johnson, Julie Rehmeyer, Leonard Jason, Charles Shepherd, Nasim Marie Jafry, Ken Lassesen, Cort Johnson, Valerie Eliot Smith, Doctor Speedy, Tanya Marlow, Deborah Waroff, Catherine Hale, Mary Schweitzer, Toni Bernhard, Guido den Broeder, Frank Twisk, Steven Lubet, Giada Da Ros, Roberta Pelletta, Carol Head, Ean Proctor, Jessica Taylor-Bearman, Clark Ellis, Alem Matthees, Peter Kemp, Mindy Kitei, Jeannette Burmeister, Giles Meehan, Erik Johnson, Lisa Petrison, Mary Ann Kindel, Gabby Klein, Eileen Holderman, Susan Kreutzer, Maryann Spurgin, Wendy Boutilier, L.A. Cooper, Donna M. Pearson, Mary Gelpi

Notable advocates: Angela Kennedy, Carol Head, Mary Dimmock, Greg Crowhurst, Malcolm Hooper, Nicole Castillo, Llewellyn King, Erica Verrillo, Tom Whittingham, Mike Harley, Ian Gibson, Scott Ludlam, Linda Tannenbaum, Don Tannenbaum, Jon Campling, Charmian Proskauer, Courtney Miller

Notable Quotes: List of Quotes, Individual Quotes

Illuminated landmarks

Journals, TV, Articles, Books, Film, Interviews, Blogs, Discussion Forums[edit]

Journals: Fatigue: Biomedicine, Health & Behavior, Journal of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, PLOS ONE, The BMJ, The Lancet, The Lancet Psychiatry, Category:Journal editors

TV: Chronic Fatigue: Missing Millions (Carte Blanche DSTV), House, I Remember Me, Inside Out: Six years in bed, List of television segments on ME and CFS, Sick and Tired, Sick and Tired - BBC, Susan Harris, The Golden Girls, The Middle, Toxic Tiredness, Unrest

Articles: List of news articles on ME and CFS, In the Expectation of Recovery

Books (Deutsch): ME - Myalgische Enzephalomyelitis vs. Chronic Fatigue Syndrom - Fakten Hintergründe Forschung

Books (English): 101 Tips For Coping With M.E., 150 Tips for Everyday Living with ME/CFS, A Beginner's Guide to ME/CFS, A Beginner's Guide to Mold Avoidance, A Companion Volume to Dr. Jay A. Goldstein's Betrayal by the Brain: A Guide for Patients and Their Physicians, A Year Lost and Found, All My Test Results are Normal: A Smart Guide to Testing for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, America Exhausted: Breakthrough Treatments of Fatigue and Fibromyalgia, America's Biggest Cover-Up, An Introduction to the Lightning Process, Authors of our Own Misfortune? The Problems with Psychogenic Explanations for Physical Illnesses, Back from the Edge, Beating Chronic Fatigue: Your step-by-step guide to complete recovery, Betrayal by the Brain, Body by Science, Can I tell you about ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?, Caring For The M.E. Patient, Chronic Fatigue and its Syndromes, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (1994 book), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (1997 book), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (The Facts), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome M.E.: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Management, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ME and Fibromyalgia - The Long Awaited Cure, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME: Support for Family and Friends, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Biological Approach, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Treatment Guide, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Treatment Guide, 2nd Edition, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: What You Need To Know About CFS/ME, Ciba Foundation Symposium 173 - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Clinician's Guide To Controversial Illnesses: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: It's Mitochondria, Not Hypochondria, Encounters with the Invisible, Enteroviral and Toxin Mediated Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Other Organ Pathologies, Exhaustion: A History, Explaining "Unexplained Illnesses", From ME to You, With Love, Haworth Research Series on Malaise, Fatigue, and Debilitation, How To Be Sick, How To Live Well with Chronic Pain and Illness, Integrative Therapies for Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Myofascial Pain: The Mind-Body Connection, It's All in Your Head: True Stories of Imaginary Illness, Life with ME: Words of Warriors, Lighting Up a Hidden World, Living with ME, Love and Fatigue in America, M.E. and Me: A Doctor's Struggle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, M.E., Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia - The Reverse Therapy Approach, M.E., Myself and I, Managing ME/CFS: A guide for young people, ME - The New Plague, Missed Diagnoses: Myalgic Encephalomyelitis & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, My A-Z of M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Postviral Fatigue States: The Saga of Royal Free Disease, Myalgic, Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: History, Diagnostic Criteria and Prevalence, One Last Goodbye, Osler's Web, Overcoming Chronic Fatigue, Plague, Post-Viral Fatigue Syndrome (book), Ramsay's Disease - Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) and the Unfortunate Creation of 'CFS', Recovery from CFS: 50 Personal Stories, Reviving the Broken Marionette, Running On Empty: The Complete Guide to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFIDS), Science, Politics, .......and ME: A health scandal in our generation, Severe ME - Featuring: "Justice for Karina Hansen", Severe ME/CFS: A Guide to Living, Severe ME: Notes for Carers, Shattered: A Champion's Fight Against a Mystery Illness, Shattered: Life with M.E., Stricken, Supinely Sublimely, The Clinical and Scientific Basis of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, The LDN Book, The Perrin Technique: How to Beat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME, The Pocket Guide to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME: Key Facts and Tips for Improved Health, The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating, The State of Me, Thirty Years of Disdain, Thorsons Health - M.E.: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Practical Guide, Through the Shadowlands: A Science Writer's Odyssey into an Illness Science Doesn't Understand, Tickle ME - Stories Of A Brain Fogged Girl, Understanding M.E. - A Guide For Friends, Family & Carers, What Is M.E.?, What Is M.E.? A Guide For Children, What Is Wrong with ME, Why ME, Zoe's Win

Books (Italiano): Stanchi: Vivere con la Sindrome da Fatica Cronica

Books (Nederlands): Heden ik

Books (Norsk): De Bortgjemte

Books (Suomi): CFS:n ja fibromyalgian hoito

Books (Svenska): Trött är fel ord: Om att leva med den osynliga sjukdomen ME/CFS

Film: Forgotten Plague, I Remember Me, Invisible Illness - Stories of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Living with M.E., ME The Hidden Truth, Perversely Dark, The Last Great Medical Cover Up, Unrest, Voices from the Shadows, What About ME, Wild Horses

Interviews: ME/CFS Alert, Science for Patients

Blogs: 25pillsaday, A Dream Deferred, Aroga Yoga, Blonde Voyage, Cell Fatigue, CFS Central, CFS Patient Advocate, CFS Remission, CFSGraphics, Chronic Fatigue Survivor's Blog, ChronicallyME, Constant F****** S***, Courtney Craig, Disabled in Tory Britain, Get Well From ME, Health Rising, Holistic Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Intelligent Medicine, JayTay, Just ME, Limited Capability, Living With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ME Advocacy, ME Association, ME/CFS Alert, ME/CFS Ghost, My World, Nice Guidelines, Occupy M.E., Onward Through the Fog, Phoenix Rising, Quixotic My ME Blog, Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart: E.M. and M.E., Science for Patients, Shoutout About ME, Spoonie Radio, Spoonseekerdotcom, Stonebird, The Blue Ribbon Fellowship, The Blue Ribbon Foundation, The MEAction Network, The Self-Taught Author, The World of One Room, Thoughts About M.E., Utting-Wolff Spouts, Valerie Eliot Smith Blog, Verywell FMS/CFS, Virology blog

Discussion forums: CFS Reddit, Health Rising, MDJunction, ME/CFS Forums, MEAction Reddit, Phoenix Rising, ProHealth, Science for ME

Open Letters[edit]

The information provided at this site is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness.

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