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The following are potential treatments for myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), ME/CFS, it's symptoms, and other illnesses, diseases, and conditions like fibromyalgia, sleep dysfunction, depression, etc., found on MEpedia.

DISCLAIMER: The following is a range of some of the interventions (including anecdotal) that have been used by patients to try to treat both individual symptoms and the disease as a whole, some of which have been researched and many which have not. The vast majority lack ANY reliable evidence of efficacy. Many carry significant side-effects and risks. (more...)


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Pacing is an activity management strategy to help ME/CFS patients limit the number and severity of relapses, and helps avoid deterioration, without avoiding all activity. First described by health psychologist Ellen Goudsmit in 1989, it gives patients the advice to: "do as much as you can within your limits".

Pacing recognizes research showing an abnormal metabolic and immunological response to exercise in ME/CFS. 

Pacing has been used as a management strategy in a number of multi-component clinical treatment trials, and in several large patient surveys the majority of patients found be helpful (more...)


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Sarah Myhill is a British doctor running her own specialist ME clinic in Knighton, Powys, Wales, United Kingdom. Dr Myhill's web site is an extensive resource of articles and information based on her treatment of patients.

Dr Myhill's view is that the disease is characterised by a cellular metabolic mitochondrial dysfunction and has published several studies. Dr Myhill has treated in excess of 10,000 CFS/ME sufferers over her 30 year career. (more...)




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Pain medication suggestions for ME/CFS from the Canadian Consensus Criteria.

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