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DecodeME is a very large UK based study to investigate DNA profiles of people with myalgic encephalomyelitis and chronic fatigue syndrome, in comparison to healthy controls.[1] DecodeME is also known as the ME/CFS Biomedical Partnership, and is a collaboration between researchers, people with ME/CFS, their carers and the general public.[1]

DecodeME is the largest ever study investigating biological differences in people with ME/CFS, and will look at any genetic factors that may be linked to the causing ME and how the illness works.[2]

Funding[edit | edit source]

It is funded by the £3.2 million from the UK's Medical Research Council and the National Institute for Health Research[1][2]

Recruitment[edit | edit source]

DecodeME plans to recruit 20,000 ME/CFS patients, initially from the UK, for a genome-wide association study (GWAS), and compare their data with people in the existing UK ME/CFS Biobank genetic database.[2] Recruitment will begin in 2021, but patients are encouraged to give their contact in advance.[3]

Multiple selection criteria will be used to decide which patients to enrol in the study; patients must meet either the Canadian Consensus Criteria for ME/CFS, or the broader Systemic exertion intolerance disease criteria.[3] Other criteria include that patients will need to be adults aged at least 16, and will need to have post-exertional malaise.

Patients who only meet the current UK NICE diagnostic criteria, the Oxford criteria (which has been recommended for retirement), or the Fukuda criteria, and people who have idiopathic chronic fatigue will not be included.[1][3] People who have previously recovered will also not be included.[3]

Partners[edit | edit source]

The UK charities involved as partners are Action for ME and Forward-ME. The other partners are the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, the Medical Research Council Human Genetics Unit, and the UK's National Institute for Health Research.[1]

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References[edit | edit source]

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ME/CFS - An acronym that combines myalgic encephalomyelitis with chronic fatigue syndrome. Sometimes they are combined because people have trouble distinguishing one from the other. Sometimes they are combined because people see them as synonyms of each other.

genome - an organism’s complete set of DNA, including all of its genes

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