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NT Factor or NTFactor or NT Factor™ (NTF) is a glycophospholipid nutritional supplement that aims to restore mitochondrial function. NT Factor is a trademark of Nutritional Therapeutics Inc.[1]

NT Factor is a purified soy extract consisting only of food and food components including:

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NTFactor was been shown to reduce moderately severe fatigue in a clinical trial of elderly people.[1]

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mitochondria Important parts of the biological cell, with each mitochondrion encased within a mitochondrial membrane. Mitochondria are best known for their role in energy production, earning them the nickname "the powerhouse of the cell". Mitochondria also participate in the detection of threats and the response to these threats. One of the responses to threats orchestrated by mitochondria is apoptosis, a cell suicide program used by cells when the threat can not be eliminated.

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