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Alice Hattrick is a British writer, video producer and an associate lecturer at the London College of Fashion, and lives with ME/CFS.[1][2]

Early life[edit | edit source]

Alice Hattrick's mother collapsed with pneumonia which led to her developing ME/CFS when Alice was eight. Alice also became ill as a child, and was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome.[1] She studied the History of Art and worked in the film industry, before studying at the Critical Writing In Art & Design at the UK's Royal College of Art.[3]

In 2021, Hattrick published their first book, Ill Feelings, part memoir on ME/CFS, chronic illness, and attitudes towards women with disabilities, and part literary criticism.[2][4]

ME/CFS[edit | edit source]

Alice Hattrick was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome as a child, their ― Alice Hattrick uses their/she pronouns ― symptoms as a child included common childhood ME symptoms:

Despite being diagnosed at a children's hospital, and growing up with a mother disabled by ME/CFS, Hattrick was not "fully convinced" of their diagnosis as a child.[1][2]

It's still an impossible diagnosis—too serious to be fake, too subjective to be real

— —Alice Hattrick on ME/CFS[1]

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alternative title: Ill Feelings

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