Positive-sense single-stranded RNA viruses and fatiguing illnesses

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A number of positive-sense single-stranded RNA viruses (+ssRNA viruses) are known to cause chronic fatiguing illnesses, or are associated with such illnesses.

List of ssRNA viruses causing or associated with fatiguing illnesses
Virus Genus Fatiguing disease References
Coxsackievirus B Enterovirus Linked to ME/CFS [1]
Echovirus Enterovirus Linked to ME/CFS [1]
SARS-CoV-1 Beta-coronavirus Linked to an ME/CFS-like illness [2]
SARS-CoV-2 Beta-coronavirus Linked to ME/CFS (long COVID) [3]
Ross River virus Alphavirus Linked to ME/CFS [4][5]
West Nile virus Flavivirus Linked to ME/CFS [6]
Dengue virus Flavivirus Linked to an ME/CFS-like illness [7][8]
Hepatitis C virus Hepacivirus Can cause a chronic fatiguing illness [9]

In the case of the chronic enterovirus infections linked to ME/CFS, these involve defective enteroviruses: see non-cytolytic enterovirus. Chronic dengue virus and chronic hepatitis C virus infections also involve defective viruses.

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