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Kate Kelland is a journalist at Reuters who has written a number of articles about ME/CFS, and a number of other controversial topics.

Link to the Science Media Centre[edit | edit source]

Kate Kelland was featured in the Science Media Centre's 10 year anniversary promotional brochure, and briefly features in the SMC's current promotional video.[1][2] One of the SMC directors is PACE trial center manager Sir Simon Wessely, who was credited with helping design the PACE trial. Ms Kelland has been accused of bias in favor of views held by the SMC.[3]

Articles[edit | edit source]

  • 2011, Pushing limits can help chronic fatigue patients[4]
  • 2018, Exclusive: Science journal to withdraw Chronic Fatigue syndrome review
  • 2019, Special Report: Online activists are silencing us, scientists say[5]

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Criticism[edit | edit source]

Invest in ME Research have criticized both Kate Kelland and Reuters for Ms Kelland's misleading statements, including the claim that it was activist pressure that led to the Cochrane review's retraction announcement.[6]

The charity #MEAction Network UK complained to Reuters and the New York Post about an article by Kate Kelland that contained inaccurate statements and also misrepresented the views of patients with ME and activists, stating "Let’s show Reuters that this is not a debate about psychiatry and scare tactics, but stigma and pseudoscience."[7]

Freelance journalist Steve Topple has criticized Kate Kelland, along with a number of other journalists, for their close links to the Science Media Centre and for "waging war" on "chronically ill and disabled people".[8]

Psychologist Brian Hughes has criticized Ms Kelland for failing to mention any scientific criticism of the PACE trial or biopsychosocial research into ME/CFS, and describing the treatment of patients by some ME/CFS researchers as "gaslighting".[9]

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