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Carol Monaghan MP is a Scottish National Party member of the UK Parliament, representing Glasgow North West.[1]

I think that when the full details of the trial become known, it will be considered one of the biggest medical scandals of the 21st century.2 — Carol Monaghan MP, 'PACE Trial: People with ME, House of Commons Hansard Debate, Feb 20, 2018

Committees[edit | edit source]

Carol Monaghan was appointed to the UK Parliament Science and Technology Committee in 2017.[2] She has used her political position to advocate for better research and treatment for ME.

Parliamentary debates and business[edit | edit source]

Carol Monaghan MP - Children with ME. Appropriate ME Treatment debate, Jan 24th 2019.
Carol Monaghan MP has led three UK Parliamentary debates in Westminster.

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Prime Minister's Questions (PMQs)[edit | edit source]

On Wednesday 27 March 2019, Carol Monaghan MP asked the Prime Minister, Theresa May, about children with ME and the refusal of GET leading to child protection proceedings. The Prime Minster said she was not aware of the issue but would ask the responsible Minister to look into it [8].

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PACE trial A controversial study which claimed that CBT and GET were effective in treating "CFS/ME", despite the fact that its own data did not support this conclusion. Its results and methodology were widely disputed by patients, scientists, and the peer-reviewed scientific literature.

graded exercise therapy (GET) - A gradual increase in exercise or activity, according to a pre-defined plan. Focuses on overcoming the patient's alleged unhelpful illness beliefs that exertion can exacerbate symptoms, rather than on reversing physical deconditioning. Considered controversial, and possibly harmful, in the treatment or management of ME. One of the treatment arms of the controversial PACE trial.

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