Short Form 36-Item Health Survey

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Short Form 36-Item Health Survey or SF-36 is a patient-reported health measure that assesses health-related quality of life in 8 areas: 1) limitations in physical activities because of health problems; 2) limitations in social activities because of physical or emotional problems; 3) limitations in usual role activities because of physical health problems; 4) bodily pain; 5) general mental health; 6) limitations in usual role activities because of emotional problems; 7) vitality (energy and fatigue); and 8) general health perceptions.[1] A score of zero represents completely disability, and a score of 100 no disability.

SF-36 was used in the PACE trial and many other ME/CFS trials, such as the CDC's Wichita Clinical Study[2] and the Ampligen AMP-516 clinical trial.[3]

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