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These are selected articles related to potential treatments that appear on Portal:Treatments.


Gene expression changes following moderate exercise (Light et al, 2011).
Exercise may be recommended as part of a wellness regimen in chronic illness. However, exercise intolerance is a central feature of ME/CFS, and patients show multiple abnormal responses to exercise. ME/CFS patients report that increased activity has reduced their physical and cognitive capacity... (more...)

edit Pacing is an activity management strategy to help ME/CFS patients limit the number and severity of relapses, and helps avoid deterioration, without avoiding all activity. First described by health psychologist Ellen Goudsmit in 1989, it gives patients the advice to: "do as much as you can within your limits".

Pacing recognizes research showing an abnormal metabolic and immunological response to exercise in ME/CFS

Pacing has been used as a management strategy in a number of multi-component clinical treatment trials, and in several large patient surveys the majority of patients found be helpful (more...)


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pacing The practice of staying within one's "energy envelope" or personal limit by combining periods of activity with periods of rest or avoiding exerting beyond a certain level. ME/CFS patients use pacing to avoid or reduce post-exertional malaise (PEM). Some patients use a heart rate monitor to help with pacing.

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