Hope for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Slate: Medical Examiner (2015)

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Hope for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Slate: Medical Examiner (2015) is an article by Julie Rehmeyer published in Slate on 13 Nov 2015. The article examines the controversy stirring around the UK PACE trial, in particular, David Tuller's investigation of the data and the open letter to the Lancet signed by prominent biomedical researchers and biostatisticians. Rehmeyer documents that the controversy has caused a shift in the public's interest in ME/CFS. Journalists and scientists who previously were unaware or uninterested in the illness, such as Dr. James Coyne are writing about it and the patient community is unifying under groups such as The MEAction Network. People in the photos illustrating the article include ME/CFS activist, Jennifer Brea and her husband, Omar, and ME/CFS researcher Dr. Ronald Davis and his ill son, Whitney Dafoe. [1]

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