Hereditary alpha tryptasemia syndrome

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Hereditary Alpha Tryptasemia Syndrome or hereditary α-tryptasemia syndrome or HATS is a genetic and multi-systemic disease caused by an increased copy number α-tryptase-encoding regions on the TPSAB1 (TPSAB1) gene.[1]

Hereditary alpha tryptasemia/familial hypertryptasemia[edit | edit source]

Hereditary alpha tryptasemia (H⍺T or HAT), alternatively known as familial hypertryptasemia (FHT), is common in the general population, affecting around 1 in 20 people, and is often asymptomatic.[2][1][3]

Hereditary alpha tryptasemia syndrome (HATS) is only diagnosed when a cluster of associated symptoms are also present.[1]

Signs and symptoms[edit | edit source]

Hereditary Alpha Tryptasemia Syndrome symptoms include:

The TPSAB1 has also been implicated in unexplained gastrointestinal symptoms and mast cell activation.[4][1][2][3]

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