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These parameter values that contain invisible or non-printable characters. Usually they are fixed by highlighty what looks like a space, then deleting it and typing a new space character instead.

The references list should say which character number is causing the problem, and which reference it is in.

Invisible characters identified are:

  • non-breaking space, U+00A0
  • soft hyphen, U+00AD
  • replacement character, U+FFFD
  • hair space, U+200A
  • zero width space, U+200B
  • zero width joiner, U+200D
  • horizontal tab, U+0009 (HT)
  • line feed, U+0010 (LF)
  • carriage return, U+0013 (CR)
  • delete character, U+007F (DEL)
  • C0 control, U+0000–U+001F (NULL–US)
  • C1 control, U+0080–U+009F (XXX–APC)

If you need a non-breaking space, which is a space character that won't be wrapped onto the next line of long sentences, then in the source code editor add  . This will appear as a space in the visual editor.

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