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This page contains recently added features for editors.

Nov 2019

  • Now you can thank other editors for a specific edit with just one click: To do so, click the "thank" link in any page history or page diff. Being an MEpedia editor includes many opportunities for negative feedback, so we need more positive feedback like this in MEpedia!

Aug 2019

  • Dates in references will automatically be shown in the form MMM DD, YYYY when you save / update pages - no need to change the format dates generated automatically
  • Userboxes added - add some to your user page

Jul 2019

  • Did you know that images from "Free access" and "Open access" might not be licensed for reuse? And that images from tweets aren't licensed as "public domain" images? Or that any image from PLOS ONE or Gray's anatomy is fine for reuse? MEpedia:Copyright policy explains more
  • Thank other editors and give WikiLove with Thank templates:
{{Thank you}}
{{Thank You IP}}

Smiley face Thanks
Smiley face Thank you
Sunflower A special thank you for your help in our battle against vandalism. Thank you so much for your efforts to improve this encyclopedia, and Welcome to MEpedia! ~~~ ~~~~~

Please consider creating an account for yourself!

Jun 2019

  • Free art license Template:FAL added for new uploads
  • Editing on a mobile or tablet is much improved with the default Vector skin, or the new Pivot and Timeless skins
  • A new ReplaceText extension allows bureaucrats to replace any words on all pages at once, see Special:SpecialPages to find it

May 2019

Apr 2019

  • Massively increased information on Category:MEpedia help and Category:MEpedia documentation, with further changes ongoing
  • MEpedia:Tutorial created
  • Captcha messages (What does the C in CFS stand for?) now turned off for editors with an account. Editors without an account can add requests for websites that should not prompt for a Captcha check.
  • The new Terminology pages means selected words or phrases used on any page will automatically have a dotted underline / tooltip. Some terms that don't need a dedicated page can be added to explain what they are. See documentation on Extension:Lingo
  • Social media links on all pages using the AddThis extension (may not be visible of using an ad blocker)

Mar 2019

Feb 2019


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