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What are userboxes?

Userboxes are not part of the MEpedia encyclopedia. They are a feature for editors, used to display a single box about the editor, eg:

METhis user raises awareness of
Myalgic Encephal­omyel­itis.

Adding a userbox is as a simple as editing your user page.

How to get userboxes

  • Browse through the Userboxes templates category and find a userbox you want
  • Copy the code for the userbox, eg {{Userbox}}
  • Go to your user page, edit the page and paste the code you copied at the very top
  • Save your changes, and the user box will appear

Make a custom userbox

  • If you plan to use a picture, upload the picture first with Special:Upload, and make sure it's a file licensed for reuse
  • All user boxes are templates, so they must be saved with the Template: prefix at the start of their name
  • First decide what to call it. Make sure the name begins with Userbox
  • Create the page in the Template name space, eg Template:Userbox_NewYork
  • Copy code from an existing userbox that is in a style you like
  • Add the blank page to the Userboxes category (without displaying the category when the userbox is added to a userpage) by wrapping it in a <noinclude> tag:
<noinclude >
[[Category:Userbox templates]]
</noinclude >