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The 2019-2024 coronavirus pandemic has led to hundreds of thousands developing COVID-19, a significant number of these continue to have symptoms many weeks or months later, known as long COVID, also known as Post-Acute Sequelae of COVID-19 (PASC).
These "long haulers" come from many different walks of life, ages, and races, including people without pre-existing conditions who had mild COVID-19.

Actors, musicians and artists[edit | edit source]

Name Occupation Nationality Diagnosis
Lena Dunham Actor American Dunham caught COVID-19 in March 2020, improving but still had long COVID symptoms in September 2020.[1]
Dave Navarro Guitarist from Jane's Addiction American Navarro caught COVID-19 in December 2021 and has been dealing with symptoms ever since. He self identified as a Covid Long-Hauler in People Magazine May 2022.[2]
Gwyneth Paltrow Actor, GOOP Founder American Gwyneth caught COVID-19 "early on" and was reportedly having Long-COVID symptoms in April 2021. [3]
Billie Eilish Singer/songwriter American Eilish was ill with COVID-19 for two months and was continuing to have symptoms in Dec 2021.[4]
Marianne Faithfull Singer and actor British (English) Faithfull caught COVID-19 in April 2020, and still had long COVID in June 2021[5]
Salma Hayek Actor Mexican Hayek almost died from COVID-19 and went back to filming while still suffering from some lingering fatigue[6]
Gez Medinger Filmmaker, science journalist and former runner British In March 2020, Gez Medinger's COVID-19 symptoms started. His symptoms include waves of fatigue he describes as "like you've been drugged", headaches, severe cognitive problems, post-exertional malaise and skin problems.[7]
Alyssa Milano Actor, singer, producer and author American Diagnosed with COVID-19 in April, needed hospital treatment in August[8][9]
Emma Samms Actor British Caught COVID-19 in March, was still ill in September[10]
Joshua Roman Cellist and Composer American Roman has struggled with Long Covid since 2020 and has had active Covid Infections 3 times. He is working through the experience in his newest work - Immunity

Athletes and sports personalities[edit | edit source]

Name Occupation Nationality Symptoms
Oonagh Cousins Rower British After 7 months with Long COVID, Oonagh was steadily improving but unable to train, with symptoms including fatigue and brain fog. She said "On the worst days you struggle to walk or cook a meal or compose an email... As time goes on, you are more able to see friends or go for a short jog."
"On the worst days you wake up, and you're like, 'I can't wait until it's night time again'.[11]
Grigor Dimitrov Tennis player Bulgarian Dimitrov described being almost recovered after four months "I feel way, way better - I don't even take naps any more or anything like that."[12]
Tanysha Dissanayake Tennis Player British Former British junior Tanysha Dissanayake has retired from tennis at the age of 21 due to the effects of long Covid, saying she feels “a million years away” from being able to play again. [13]
Chris Froome Road Racing Cyclist Kenyan-British Froome - a seven-time Grand Tour winner - said that Covid impacted on his heart and his VO2 max, which is the amount of oxygen someone can consume during exercise. [14]
Eduardo Rodriguez Baseball pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, now with Detroit Tigers Venezuelan Developed fatigue and myocarditis after COVID-19, and was unable to play for the rest of 2020[15][16]
Michael Ojo Basketball player American Died aged 27 during training in Serbia as a result of heart-related complications. Ojo had appeared to have recovered from COVID-19 rather than having the recurring or persistent symptoms that long-haulers describe.[17]
Jonny Walton Rower British Walton described his early symptoms as: "My heart rate was massively up. We do do a lot of altitude training but it was like being at altitude and having to breathe through a straw... We got on the rowing machine and it appeared that my physiology had just gone overnight, and just kind of fallen off a cliff". He is now back in training and fully recovered.[12]
Jonathan Toews Hockey Player American He announced on February 19, 2023 that he was still suffering from symptoms of long COVID and Chronic Immune Response Syndrome. He offered no timetable for his return, commenting, "it has reached the point where I had no choice but to step back and concentrate on getting healthy."[18] On April 13, Blackhawks general manager Kyle Davidson announced that the team will not re-sign Toews after his contract expires at the end of the season.

TV presenters, Authors, journalists and writers[edit | edit source]

Name Occupation Nationality Symptoms
Chris Cuomo TV presenter/media personality American Caught COVID-19 in April, and was still ill three months later[19]
Antony Loveless Military author and former war correspondent British Long covid left him partner disabled, struggling to walk, and "robbed of normal life", along with his partner. Loveless developed neutropenia, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), and chronic "covid tongue", and partner Claire Hooper developed type II diabetes, severe difficulty walking, and high blood pressure.[20][21]
Michelle Mone Baroness and politician British Mone reported that long COVID left her breathless and losing weight.[22]
Carol Voderman TV presenter and author British Struggled to walk more than 100 yards for three months.[23]

Politicians[edit | edit source]

Name Occupation Nationality Diagnosis
Andrew Gwynne MP Politician British Caught COVID-19 in March 2020, still ill and walking very slowly 6 months later[24]
Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) Politician American Retired in 2022 due to Long Covid.[25]
Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) Politician American Since 2020, still serving.[26]

Well-known scientists and academics[edit | edit source]

Other famous people[edit | edit source]

Name Occupation Nationality Diagnosis
Jazmin Grimaldi Daughter of Monaco's Prince Albert II Monegasque Re-hospitalized with COVID-19 a month after her first hospitalization[27]
Dianna Cowern (Physics Girl) Youtuber American Caught COVID-19 in July 2022 [28]and has been bed bound with ME/CFS, MCAS, and POTS since January 2023 [29]

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