From doctors as patients: a manifesto for tackling persisting symptoms of covid-19

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TO: BMJ FROM: Over 30 physicians with long COVID, most practicing in the UK.[1]

Management of long covid
From doctors as patients: a manifesto for tackling persisting symptoms of covid-19[1]

Signaturies[edit | edit source]

  • Nisreen A Alwan, associate professor in public health
  • Emily Attree, salaried general practitioner
  • Jennifer Mary Blair, consultant anaesthetist and trust lead for simulation and human factors
  • Debby Bogaert, chair of paediatric medicine, professor of paediatric infectious diseases, and honorary consultant paediatric infectious diseases
  • Mary-Ann Bowen, general practice partner
  • John Boyle, consultant psychiatrist
  • Madeleine Bradman, general practitioner
  • Tracy Ann Briggs, senior lecturer and honorary consultant in clinical genetics
  • Sarah Burns, general practitioner
  • Daniel Campion, travel health physician
  • Katherine Cushing, general practitioner and clinical commissioning group clinical lead for children, young people, and families
  • Brendan Delaney, chair in medical informatics and decision making
  • Chris Dixon, full time general practice partner
  • Grace E Dolman, hepatology specialty trainee year 7
  • Caitriona Dynan, consultant radiologist
  • Ian M Frayling, honorary consulting genetic pathologist and president elect
  • Nell Freeman-Romilly, foundation doctor
  • Iulia Hammond, general practice specialty trainee year 1
  • Jenny Judge, consultant forensic psychiatrist
  • Linn Järte, core trainee year 2 anaesthetist
  • Amali Lokugamage, consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist and honorary associate professor
  • Nathalie MacDermott, NIHR academic clinical lecturer and specialty trainee year 7 paediatric infectious diseases
  • Mairi MacKinnon, general practitioner
  • Visita Majithia, salaried general practitioner
  • Tanya Northridge, general practice partner
  • Laura Powell, anaesthetics core trainee year 1
  • Clare Rayner, consultant occupational physician
  • Ginevra Read, specialty trainee year 8 psychiatry
  • Ekta Sahu, specialty doctor paediatrics
  • Claudia Shand, retired general practitioner
  • Amy Small, general practice partner and, member
  • Cara Strachan, general practitioner
  • Jake Suett, staff grade anaesthetist and intensive care doctor
  • Becky Sykes, salaried general practitioner
  • Sharon Taylor, consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist
  • Kevin Thomas, general practitioner
  • Margarita Thomson, general practitioner
  • Alexis Wiltshire, locum general practitioner
  • Victoria Woods, general practitioner

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