Chronic Fatigue: Missing Millions (Carte Blanche DSTV)

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Chronic Fatigue: Missing Millions is a February, 2017 TV report on ME/CFS by Carte Blanche DSTV, South Africa.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Producer, Anna-Maria van Niekerk, and presenter, Devi Sankaree Govender worked with Retha Viviers from The ME CFS Foundation South Africa (MECFSSA) to report on the disease, its research and patient impact. Ms. Sankaree Govender interviewed Nathtalie Williams who is a person with ME, featured the devastating plight of Whitney Dafoe from the documentary film Forgotten Plague, discussed ME/CFS research with father of Whitney, Ron Davis who is researching the disease, briefly reviewed PACE trial flaws with David Tuller, included testimony and footage of Millions Missing protests, and an interview with caregiver and researcher Linda Tannenbaum. There is a good overview of the Spoon theory, common symptoms of the disease and its core symptom Post-exertional malaise.

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PACE trial - A controversial study which claimed that CBT and GET were effective in treating "CFS/ME", despite the fact that its own data did not support this conclusion. Its results and methodology were widely disputed by patients, scientists, and the peer-reviewed scientific literature.

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