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Casey Stoner is an Australian former motorbike racer, and winner of multiple World Champion titles, and an ambassador for Emerge Australia who lives with ME/CFS.[1]

MotoGP legend Casey Stoner reveals 'extreme' health battle

ME/CFS[edit | edit source]

Casey Stoner began suffering from ME/CFS in 2018, and has been battling the illness since.[2][3][4] In an interview in 2019 Stoner said "I realised something was wrong when golf was becoming a really physical sport for me. I’ve been on and off different tablets to try to combat that and get me through the day a little bit more.” Stoner revealed that despite being a former world champion professional motorbike racer, he was struggling to ride even as a hobbyist, saying "I don't have the energy to go out there and do that for the day, it'll put me in the couch for another week."[5]
In 2020, Stoner described living with ME/CFS as "this disease is destroying me".[6]

I started having symptoms of ME/CFS in 2018. I very quickly went downhill, started to get some severe symptoms and then struggled to get out of bed in the morning, just even [to] get to the couch.[2] — Casey Stoner, Today Show Australia, 2021
Because people can't see it, it's not a physical ailment that people can see so people aren't really taking it as seriously...they all just sort of go, you know, "you're a bit tired...get up".[2] — Casey Stoner, Today Show Australia, 2021

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World champion Casey Stoner has explained his three-year disappearance from MotoGP after a rare sighting this weekend

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