Brenton Brown

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Brenton Brown (born July 1, 1973) is a worship leader, Christian singer and songwriter. Brown was born in South Africa. A scholarship brought him to the United Kingdom and he became a worship leader in Oxford in 1996. He now lives in Malibu, United States with his wife.[1]

Illness[edit | edit source]

In 2003 he woke up one morning and didn't feel well. He first thought that he had a cold or the flu. The symptoms never went away. After 6 months he decided to visited the doctor. There he got the diagnosis Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Unable to keep working, he left for South Africa where he moved back in with his parents. During that difficult time he wrote the song Everlasting God, inspired by his struggle with Chronic fatigue syndrome.[2][3]

Brown's wife diagnosed with CFS[edit | edit source]

Around the same time that Brown was diagnosed with CFS, his wife Jude was also diagnosed.[4] Although CFS is not contagious, viral outbreaks have led to many being diagnosed with ME/CFS or one of the names an outbreak was given.

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