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Dr Anna E Brooks is a Senior Lecturer/Director of Auckland Cytometry at the University of Auckland and a cellular immunologist who conducts medical research on a number of themes, including post-viral ME/CFS and Long COVID.[1][2]

ME/CFS and Long COVID[edit | edit source]

Dr Brooks has been awarded research grants to investigate Long COVID and post-viral ME/CFS, including the immunological and molecular changes that take place in patients.[2][3]

Is Long Covid a new type of chronic fatigue syndrome?

Dr Anna Brooks to study Long Covid and post-viral illness more comprehensively.

The pair were awarded funding from separate sources and have their own scientific remits.

Tate was awarded funding from Brain Research New Zealand at the end of 2020, initially to compare the molecular signatures discovered in ME/CFS with those in Long Covid.

Brooks used crowdfunding, which included support from The Associated New Zealand ME Society (ANZMES).

Brooks now leads the 'Immunity and Molecular studies of SARS-CoV-2 infection, post-viral conditions, and COVID-19 vaccination' study, launched in October, looking at immune dysfunction and multi-system dysregulation that occurs following Sars-CoV-2 infection and comparing it to those with ME/CFS.

Michael Hall, RNZ

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