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Rich Carson is a former investment specialist, fundraiser for ME/CFS research, and founder of ProHealth.

Illness[edit | edit source]

In August 1981, at the age of 25, Rich Carson became ill. His doctor diagnosed him with chronic fatigue syndrome. He was the first chronic fatigue syndrome case the doctor encountered. His doctor gave him the advice to avoid stress, get plenty of rest and sleep, to stop drinking alcohol. He had to be careful not to overexercise, start a good diet and use nutritional supplements.

In July 1987, Carson became completely disabled. Due to his illness and his drive to find a cure he tried practically everything. He started the website in 1988, to share his findings and advocate for other ME/CFS patients.[1]

Disability to working again[edit | edit source]

In December of 2000 he had a first improvement of his own health. In his high school years he had an accident spilling mercury in his car. Something he hadn't told anyone about. So he started an anti-toxin protocol. A treatment that gave him a better health.

Nov 2003 he saw a dietician who gave him a new diet that worked: avoid bad foods and chemicals, eat whole foods, organic and fresh and fresh vegetable juice every day. She taught him that nutrients from food are always better than supplements.

After a long struggle he is not disabled anymore and able to work again although he does not consider himself to be fully recovered.[1]

Prohealth established[edit | edit source]

He started ProHealth with 4 goals in mind

  1. to discover the root cause of ME/CFS
  2. find an effective method to diagnose ME/CFS
  3. raise funding for ME/CFS research
  4. support fellow people with ME/CFS by sharing his own discoveries.[1]

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