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Molnupiravir or lagevrio (brand name) is a new antiviral drug which has recently undergone clinical trials for COVID-19 treatment,[1] and other uses.[2][3][4]

Theory[edit | edit source]

Molnupiravir was developed specifically to target the Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (VEEV) but proved effective in early trials against COVID-19 caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.[5] Molnupiravir targets the virus by introducing copy errors as it replicates.[6] It breaks down to n-hydroxycytidine (NHC) in the body, and is then metabolised to NHC-TP.[6]

Evidence[edit | edit source]

There is no evidence yet of the use of molnupiravir in patients with ME/CFS.

Clinicians[edit | edit source]

Risks and safety[edit | edit source]

Molnupiravir was approved for emergency use in the United Kingdom for mild or moderate COVID-19 in people with at least one risk factor for severe disease during late 2021.[2][4]

Side effects in adults taking molnupiravir for COVID-19 for the recommended 5 days included diarrhea, nausea, dizziness, and headaches which were either mild or moderate, but this was based on a trial of less than 400 people.[6] Based on drug chemistry, interactions with other drugs are not expected.[6]

Costs and availability[edit | edit source]

Molnupiravir is not yet FDA-approved, although approval is likely in 2022. The European Medicines Agency is conducting a rolling review of molnupiravir for COVID-19 and if had been approved by the UK's Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.[4][7] Molnupiravir is taken orally.[1][8]

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