Interferon alpha

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Interferon alphas or interferon alfas (IFN or INF) are a group of type 1 Interferons. Interferon alpha drugs Alferon N and Infergen act to stimulation the immune system.[1] There are a number of different interferon alphas. Interferon beta is also a form of interferon type 1 found in humans.[2]

Alternative names[edit | edit source]

Interferon alpha is also known as:

  • INF-alpha
  • IFN-alpha
  • INF
  • IFN[2]

Drugs[edit | edit source]

Interferon alfa-n3 is available under the brand name Alferon N, and interferon alfacon-1 is sold under the brand name Infergen. Both drugs are Immunostimulants.[1]

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