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Hammel Neurorehabilitation Centre is a Danish rehabilitation hospital specializing in patients with brain injury.

Description[edit | edit source]

Hammel Neurorehabilitation Centre provides hospital-based rehabilitation hospital for patients with moderate to severe acquired brain injury, including:

  • traumatic brain injury
  • stroke
  • infectious or metabolic brain injury
  • cerebral palsy
  • anoxic brain injury (which occurs following a heart attacks

The centre provides treatment to both adults and children.[1]

Clinics[edit | edit source]

They separate treatment specialities into four clinics:

  • Sensory-motor Clinic treats patients with acquired brain injury, and the resulting symptoms and problems such as "reduced sensation, reduced perception, linguistic problems and motor disorders".
  • Cognitive Clinic treats patients that have "cognitive, emotional, motivational and behavioral disorders" that are directly or indirectly are caused by brain injury
  • Neuropsychology Clinuc, which includes a neurobehavioural approach to brain injury
  • Pediatric Clinic (up to 18 years), which mostly treats children with traumatic brain injuries, apoplexy, cerebral palsy or with brain injuries caused by anoxia, brain tumors, heart attacks, meningitis or encephalitis. The clinic states the children can range from the "comatose child" to mobile children with "cognitive deficits".[1]

Karina Hansen[edit | edit source]

As a teenager Karina Hansen became ill with severe ME. Her diagnosis was later disputed, and at age 24 she was forcibly removed from her home and spent 3 and a half years as an in-patient at the Hammel Neurocenter.[2][3]
During her time at the Hammel Neurocenter, Karina was reported to have been prevented from receiving visitors including friends and family, and from receiving cards, letters or phone calls for extended periods.[2] Karina was reported to undergone forced treatment, including graded exercise therapy, and to have been treated under the supervision of psychiatrists Nils Balle Christensen and Per Fink.[2] She was eventually allowed home on a trial basis in 2016, which later became permanent.[3]

After a legal lengthy campaign, Karina was eventually allowed home, and remains ill.[3]

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