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Dorsal Root Ganglion (DRG).
Source: the Regents of University of Michigan Medical School ©2012, cropped and labelled by Betts, JG; Young, KA; Wise, JA; Johnson, E; Poe, B; Kruse, DH; Korol, O; Johnson, JE; Womble, M; DeSaix, P (April 25, 2013). "13.4 The Peripheral Nervous System". Anatomy and Physiology. OpenStax. Houston, Texas. Retrieved January 27, 2022..
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Spinal Cord sectional anatomy (Note: Dorsal root and dorsal root ganglion).
Author: Bruce Blas (2016).

The most common type of sensory ganglion is the dorsal root ganglion or DRG or posterior root ganglion.[1] Ganglia are the "cell bodies of neurons with axons that are sensory endings in the periphery, such as in the skin, and that extend into the CNS through the dorsal nerve root." Ganglia is plural of ganglion.[1] Generally speaking, each vertebra of the spinal column has both afferent (sensory) and efferent (effector) nerves emerging from inside the spine, and the dorsal/posterior side of the spine is where the afferent nerve emerges. Each afferent nerve has a bulge containing the cell bodies of the neurons in the afferent nerve. This bulge is called a dorsal root ganglion.[2]

The neuron is parted of two parts:

  1. Dendrite receives the information and sends it to the Perykaron (cytoplasm which is around the nucleus).[citation needed]
  2. Axon takes this information and sends forward.[citation needed]

In human disease[edit | edit source]

"This is a dorsal root ganglion (DRG) from a chicken embryo (around stage of day 7) after incubation overnight in NGF growth medium stained with anti-neurofilament antibody. Axons growing out of the ganglion are visible."[3]

Ganglionitis is inflammation of a nerve ganglion. The dorsal root ganglia can become inflamed causing severe pain and other symptoms. Conditions that can cause dorsal root ganglionitis include trauma, sciatica, compressive neuropathy, herniated disc, spinal stenosis, peripheral neuropathy, meningitis, and spinal infections[4], including Herpes simplex virus 1.[5]

ME/CFS[edit | edit source]

Inflammation of the dorsal root ganglia (ganglionitis) has been found in the autopsies of several patients who died of very severely ill myalgic encephalomyelitis patients including Lynn Gilderdale and Sophia Mirza.[6][7][8][9][10][11]

Sjogren's syndrome[edit | edit source]

Thirteen Sjögren's syndrome patients with autonomic dysfunction were found to have lymphocytic (T‐cell) infiltration in the dorsal roots and ganglia. Electrophysical studies also found involvement of the dorsal root ganglia.[12] Antiganglion autoantibodies have been detected in patients with sensory neuronopathy.[12]

Chronic pain[edit | edit source]

Changes in microRNA expression in the dorsal root ganglia are consistently found in pre-clinical chronic pain patients, leading to clinical trials targetting dorsal root ganglia stimulation as a potential treatment for chronic pain.[13][14]

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  • 2014, Inflammation in dorsal root ganglia after peripheral nerve injury: Effects of the sympathetic innervation[16]

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