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Carol Head served as CEO and President of Solve ME/CFS Initiative (Solve M.E.) from 2013 to 2019 and is a current member of the Solve M.E. Board of Directors. She fell ill with ME/CFS upon finishing Stanford University Graduate School of Business[1] in the 1980s. Although she has ME/CFS, she improved significantly after many years of illness; she believes she dodged a bullet and was 95% recovered when she began as CEO.[2][3] During her tenure at Solve M.E., she significantly increased its resources and influence, both in research and in advocacy. However, due to a relapse of ME/CFS, in March of 2019 she announced she was stepping down as CEO of Solve M.E. to serve on its board.[4][5] She continues to be active in the fight for ME research.

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Carol steers monthly webinars[7] which are recorded and posted to YouTube.[8]

Institute of Medicine report briefing[edit | edit source]

March 25th, Solve ME/CFS Initiative hosted a briefing in Washington,D.C. on the Institute of Medicine report on ME/CFS. Carol Head was a speaker. Video - Carol Head at the SMCI IOM briefing[9]

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