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The Blue Ribbon for the Awareness of M.E. (BRAME) is a voluntary organisation for people with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis in the UK. BRAME was founded by, and is run by, Tanya Harrison, who has severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, and Christine Harrison, her 24/7 carer.[1][2]

Aims[edit | edit source]

  • To create awareness and understanding that ME/CFS is a very real, and for many, a very debilitating illness.
  • To publicise and create awareness of the severity and widespread nature of the illness.
  • To publicise and create awareness of the consequences of living with ME/CFS for the sufferer, carer and the whole family unit and to highlight their needs.
  • To generally offer support, understanding and friendship to those affected by ME/CFS.
  • Through publicity reach as many sufferers and carers of ME/CFS as possible, as they often feel quite isolated by the debilitation of the ME/CFS, and the scepticism they often face.
  • To stimulate discussion and subsequent understanding of ME/CFS.
  • To increase awareness of ME/CFS amongst
    • members of the medical profession
    • educationalists
    • employers
    • politicians
    • society in general
  • To promote the international links with individuals, groups, medical professionals and researchers in ME/CFS or ME/CFS linked illnesses.
  • To support, help and develop the BRAME campaign around the world using the Blue Ribbon and BRAME enamel badge as universal symbols to create a greater awareness and understanding of ME/CFS.[1]

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Tanya Harrison was part of the NICE guidelines review in 2007. She resigned from the review committee shortly before the controversial guidelines were published, stating she felt unable to agree with them.[3]

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BRAME was founded in 1995.

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