Australian ME/CFS Biobank

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The Australian ME/CFS Biobank is a partnership between patient charity Emerge Australia, researchers at La Trobe University, the Australian Red Cross Blood Service, Solve ME/CFS Initiative and the UK ME/CFS biobank.[1]

Funding[edit | edit source]

Funding of A$1 million was announced in August 2019, and an email news list was setup.[1]

The Mason Foundation, an Australian ME/CFS charity is funding the biobank.[2]

Partnership roles[edit | edit source]

Australian ME/CFS biobank awarded to research team which includes Emerge Australia!

The biobank and patient registry will be led by Emerge Australia, partnering with the Australian Red Cross Blood Service, Solve ME/CFS Initiative (SMCI) in the US, and the UK ME Biobank (UKMEB), making this a global project. This innovative project will make use of existing Australian Red Cross Blood Service resources, and will also benefit from the infrastructure of the UKMEB and resources being developed by SMCI. The biobank will store blood samples of ME/CFS patients, and matched healthy people, making these samples very useful for researchers.

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