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Hi. I edited your Robin Brown page, but I think it could cover more about the advocacy side including the stop GET campaigning. I think I remember that you co-wrote a CPD course with Nina Muirhead but I don't have the link to add it. I also wasn't sure whether to describe you as having severe ME given your new book cover, or whether your ME has improved since then. Open letters, editorials or blogs can also be added to pages of advocates. Perhaps you could add to the content here?

Most of the links from the Robin Brown would be better added to individual pages about the topics, especially in the "Learn more" sections, but there is also an editor page you can create at User:Robin Brown for adding your list of links and resources. E.g., Illness beliefs, graded exercise therapy.

For your book page, but I was only able to find translations in French and Czech. If there are translations for the other languages could you link to them from M.E. and Me: A Doctor's Struggle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

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Hi there, thanks! What do I call you, if I may ask? I'm struggling to understand all these instructions right now. As you have seen, I had a go at updating my page lol, and just about figured out how to add links. I like your revision - just one spelling error which I will correct. The book isn't available in Spanish or German yet, I will correct that too.

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Also forgot to say - I don't know how to do cross links, where you take the reader to a different page in mepedia. I have made the corrections above. Thank you for your help.

graded exercise therapy (GET) - A gradual increase in exercise or activity, according to a pre-defined plan. Focuses on overcoming the patient's alleged unhelpful illness beliefs that exertion can exacerbate symptoms, rather than on reversing physical deconditioning. Considered controversial, and possibly harmful, in the treatment or management of ME. One of the treatment arms of the controversial PACE trial.

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