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Hi and welcome to MEpedia. I have reverted your deleting of the content on this page because large deletes should not be performed without discussion, see MEpedia:Discussion_and_collaboration. All pages have a standard MEpedia:Article outlines with certain headings, and photos for researchers. A single source such as an interview will no doubt add up to date and relevant information, but will not change essentials like her biographical information, research history, or the majority of the other well-referenced information on the page. Please bear in mind that most pages contain contributions from many editors and that edits would generally be expected to stay unless unsourced, incorrect, off-topic or not meeting editorial guidelines in some way. I look forward to seeing your additions. Thank you. ~Njt (talk) 10:54, July 10, 2022 (UTC)

Welcome to MEpedia![edit source]

MEpedia is like Wikipedia, but focused on the science, people and history of ME. You can see the range of topics MEpedia covers by checking out the Contents page. All the content is created by volunteer contributors like you, and every contribution, however small, moves the project forward. Thank you for joining us!

Welcome to the MEpedia community--we're glad you're here!

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