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The Golden Girls was an American comedy TV show aired from 1985 to 1992. It was created by Susan Harris, an acclaimed television comedy writer and producer, who has ME/CFS.[1]

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome episodes[edit | edit source]

Dorothy confronts Doctor Budd - Golden Girls: Sick and Tired

In 1989 a two-part story was shown about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.[2]

"Doctor Budd, I came to you sick, sick and scared and you dismissed me, you didn't have the answer and instead of saying 'I'm sorry I don't know what's wrong with you', you made me feel crazy, like I made it all up, you dismissed me, you made me feel like a child, a fool, a neurotic who was wasting your precious time."

  • Golden Girls - Sick & Tired: Part 1 (Season 5 Episode 1 (First Aired September 23 1989), "Dorothy is not feeling well. She goes to see several doctors but none of them can find anything wrong with her. One of them recommends she go see a doctor in New York and when she sees him, he tells her that there's nothing wrong with her and that it's probably in her head.")
  • Golden Girls - Sick & Tired: Part 2 (Season 5 Episode 2 (First Aired September 30 1989) "Dorothy is still not feeling well. She turns to Harry who recommends she see a Neurologist at the hospital. The Neurologist tells Dorothy he thinks she might have a condition that is not exactly recognized by the medical community called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. At the end of the episode Dorothy runs into the other doctor who told her that her condition might be in her mind and she sits down with him to explain her frustrations about his (lack of a) diagnosis.")

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