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The Blue Ribbon Fellowship is a student fellowship for medical students to assist in top ME/CFS research labs in between their first and second years of medical school.[1][2]

Fellowship details[edit | edit source]

A stipend is provided for 8 weeks of paid full-time work at top ME/CFS institutes in the world. "The purpose of the fellowships is to educate students on the proper curricular, research, and clinical standards of care for myalgic encephalamyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome. Currently, only about 5% of the medical schools in the United States meet all three standards."[3]

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Media coverage[edit | edit source]

Ryan Prior nominated for Leadership[edit | edit source]

Ryan Prior is nominated in the category of Leadership and The Blue Ribbon Foundation is the charitable organization named as the beneficiary of the $50k prize. Votes, story and interview will be weighted.

Eagle Rare 2017 Rare Life Honor[4] Award and Contest is open for international daily voting until January 2017.

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Myalgic encephalomyelitis or chronic fatigue syndrome, often used when both illnesses are considered the same.

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