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Hi User:Kmdenmark. Could you update this page to the following, without the <pre> tags?
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<center style="background-color:lightyellow">
|en=The information provided at this site is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness.<br>From MEpedia, a crowd-sourced encyclopedia of ME and CFS science and history.
|fr=Les informations fournies sur ce site ne sont pas destinées à diagnostiquer ou traiter une maladie.<br>MEpedia est une encyclopédie collaborative sur l'histoire et la science de l'encéphalomyélite myalgique.
|es=La información proporcionada en este sitio no está destinada a diagnosticar o tratar ninguna enfermedad.<br>MEpedia es una enciclopedia colaborativa sobre la historia y la ciencia del encefalomielitis mialgica.
|de=Diese Webseite dient nicht zur Diagnose und Behandlung von Krankheiten.<br>MEpedia ist eine kollaborative Enzyklopedie zur Geschichte und Wissenschaft von ME und CFS.
|nl=De informatie op deze site is niet bedoeld om een ziekte te diagnosticeren of te behandelen.<br>MEpedia is een collaboratieve encyclopedie over de geschiedenis en wetenschap van ME en CVS.
<noinclude >
This template specifies a medical disclaimer. It is automatically added to the end of all pages by the PageNotice extension, via interface messages named "MediaWiki:Bottom-notice-ns-*".
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</noinclude >

User:Kmdenmark User:Pyrrhus the "noinclude" section at the bottom needs to be removed - wikitext is often not recognized in system messages. I think User:Pyrrhus has rights to do this now... Njt (talk)
This is a Template, not an interface message, hence the "noinclude" section- which is not included in any interface message that transcludes the template. Hope this is clear.
Pyrrhus (talk) 23:00, September 27, 2019 (EDT)
The text under it is visible on the template page, which confused me since I mistook it for the bottom of the screen. It would be better moved to a Template:AllPagesFooterTemplate/doc page as usual. Njt (talk) 14:59, September 28, 2019 (EDT)