Roberta Pelletta

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Roberta Pelletta

Roberta Pelletta worked as a freelance interpreter for European Institutions for 25 years, always traveling around Europe from her homecountry of Italy. In 2006, she became suddenly ill, two months following a long, painful bout of mononucleosis. She was not even able to manage the walk around the corner to pick up the newspaper. The diagnosis of myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) came in 2007. [1]

She lost her freelance job, and had to face a long legal procedure in order to have her illness recognized by the disability insurance company covering her professional category.[1]

She wrote about her experience with chronic fatigue syndrome in "Stanchi si diventa" in 2010. The booklet was translated from Italian to English in 2012, as "Sick and Tired." It can be downloaded from Smashwords for free.[1]

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