Queen Mary University of London

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Queen Mary University of London (or QMUL) is a university in London, England, UK. Its main campus is in Mile End in East London.[1] The university was the home of the principal investigator of the PACE trial, Peter White.

ME/CFS Research[edit | edit source]

Professor Peter White was principle investigator for the controversial PACE trial, and first author of the main PACE trial outcome study. QMUL spent approximately £250,000 unsuccessfully attempting to prevent the release of anonymized PACE trial data under the Freedom of Information Act law.

Wolfson Institute for Preventative Medicine[edit | edit source]

The Wolfson Institute for Preventative Medicine consists of Queen Mary University's Institute of Psychiatry plus two other research departments.[2] After the PACE trial research was completed, the Wolfson Institute removed the majority of the PACE trial documentation, although some remains.

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