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ME félag Íslands is the Icelandic ME/CFS Association.

They are a member of the European ME Alliance, Öryrkjabandalagi Íslands and Nordic ME Network.[1]

Aims[edit | edit source]

Its purpose is to work for the welfare of those who suffer from ME disease. Efforts towards this purpose include the following:[2]

  • a) To advocate in the interests of members to the government.
  • b) To promote relationships between ME patients and further educate about ME on the broadest basis.
  • c) To examine trends in research and treatment of diseases and bring the knowledge to their members.
  • d) Provide assistance and social support to those suffering from the disease.
  • e) To provide a platform for those who suffer from ME and their families to come together.
  • f) To cooperate with other companies in similar fields at home and abroad.

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