ME - The New Plague

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ME - The New Plague
Me the new plague.jpg
Author Jane Colby
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Subject Patient guide
Genre Medical
Publisher Dome Vision
Publication date
Media type print
Pages 212
ISBN 978-1860832154

ME - The New Plague is a book authored by Jane Colby, who lives with ME and is the executive director of the Tymes Trust ME charity in the UK.

Publisher's synopsis[edit | edit source]

(This synopsis was provided by the publisher for promotional purposes. For book reviews, please see Links section below.)

ME - The New Plague finally kills the myth that ME is "all in the mind". It explores the hidden links between ME and polio, and shows how we are failing our children as we did in the polio years.

Essential for the professional and layman, it contains startling inside information in the form of probing interviews with top ME specialists.


  • risk factor list
  • quick guide for parents
  • schools' guidelines
  • survivors' lifestyle checklist
  • comparison of ME with school phobia
  • poetry selection

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ME - The New Plague 2[edit | edit source]

ME - The New Plague 2 is the sequel to ME - The New Plague, with chapters currently being released in serial fashion online. The articles may be read on her webpage.[1]

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