Giada Da Ros

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Giada Da Ros is an Italian journalist, law graduate and ME/CFS patient advocate.

Illness[edit | edit source]

Giada developed ME/CFS in 1990 at the age of 20 after a bout of the flu. At the time she was in her second year of university studying law. She was diagnosed two years later in 1992. Although her condition has improved somewhat, she is still ill today.[1]

Advocacy[edit | edit source]

Patient group[edit | edit source]

As President of the CFS Italian Association,[2] she is one of the leading Italian advocates for CFS/ME patients. She has guested on many radio and TV shows through the years speaking about the condition and has had many articles written in newspapers and magazines.

Book[edit | edit source]

Giada edited a collection of personal essays on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome called Stanchi: Vivere con la Sindrome da Fatica Cronica, published by SBC Edizioni. The book includes her own story.[3]

Interviews and articles[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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