Active Hexose Correlated Compound

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Active hexose correlated compound (AHCC) is a supplement derived from shiitake mushrooms. It is rich in the polysaccharides alpha-glucan and beta-glucan and is a popular adjuvant cancer treatment in Japan.

In animal studies, AHCC had antioxidant[1] and anti-inflammatory[2] effects. It may enhance host resistance to bacterial[3][4] and viral infections.[5]

Immune modulation[edit | edit source]

Natural killer cell function[edit | edit source]

In animal models, AHCC has been shown to increase NK activity.[5] Other studies have found no significant increase in NK function.[6]

Cancer[edit | edit source]

In vitro and animal studies show AHCC may have anticancer effects.[7][8][9][10]

In humans, there is some evidence that AHCC may prolong survival in liver cancer patients.[11]

References[edit | edit source]

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