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AIM ImmunoTech, formerly known as Hemispherx Biopharma,[1] is a small American pharmaceutical company that produces the drug Ampligen (rintatolimod). AIM ImmunoTech's corporate headquarters are in Ocala, Florida (formerly in Philadelphia, PA) and the main manufacturing and research facility is in New Brunswick, NJ.[2]

In addition to Ampligen® (rintatolimod), AIM ImmunoTech produces Alferon N Injection® and Alferon® LDO (Low Dose Oral). To date, only Alferon N Injection® has FDA approval. Ampligen® and Alferon® LDO are not FDA-approved and are considered experimental.[3] Ampligen is available to a small number of patients under the expanded access program.[4]

In Jan 2018, Thomas Equels, chief executive officer of AIM ImmunoTech, released a letter instructing every Hemispherx employee to watch the documentary Unrest and urged their affiliates and stockholders to do the same, in an effort to share information about ME/CFS, one of the primary disease targets for their drug Ampligen.[5]

Change in leadership[edit | edit source]

In Feb 2016, Dr. William Carter, then Chairman and CEO, was terminated by the board of directors of Hermispherx Biopharma, now AIM ImmunoTech, who cited that part of the reason was a strong financial austerity plan. William M. Mitchell, M.D., Ph.D. was promoted in house as his replacement.[6]

In June 2016, the law suit was resolved between Dr. Carter and Hemispherx, now AIM ImmunoTech, regarding the wrongful termination claim. As part of the settlement, the intellectual property rights, including the patent for Ampligen and Alferon, are irrevocably assigned to to AIM ImmunoTech.[7]

Management[edit | edit source]

  • Thomas K. Equels, M.S., J.D. - Chief Executive Officer, President
  • Robert Dickey IV, CPA - Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice Chairman
  • Peter W. Rodino III, J.D. - Chief Operating Officer, Secretary, General Counsel, Executive Director for Governmental Relations
  • David R. Strayer, M.D. - Chief Scientific & Medical Officer

Board of directors[edit | edit source]

  • William M. Mitchell, M.D., Ph.D. - Chairman of the Board
  • Thomas K. Equels, M.S., J.D. - Executive Vice Chairman of Board
  • Stewart Appelrouth, MBA. - Director[2]

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