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Hi Simone, -- Andyroo11 (talk) 13:43, October 21, 2021 (UTC)[new][edit source][reply]

As you would know I was at Emerge well before you, and I held a 6hr a week 6 month minimum commitment contract with Emerge as their community engagement officer in 2017. (as well as other various odd jobs and media I participated with emerge over the years) I still have the signed contract from my manager Laura Bos and CEO at the time John Jeffries.

I finished up with Emerge before your unfortunate arrival in 2019. I was quite clear with you then during our last exchange I no longer wish to engage with you and blocked you from all contact due to your continued harassment, gaslighting and bullying behaviour, So imagine my surprise to now see you here now editing my Mepedia page.

I have had nothing to do with you or even mentioned you or your MEANA (ME ADVOCACY NETWORK AUSTRALIA) group since then, I would thank you to not to use your platforms to spread unsolicited rumours about the call for change petition (as no one from MEANA or yourself has reached out to us, and unlike you I have respected your privacy enough not contact or engage with you after our halt in communication) nor should I have you try to actively rewrite my history or undermine my social media and advocacy.

I will be following up with a formal complaint to both the Emerge president and the CEO not only about your behaviour but also your conflicts of interests managing other ME/CFS groups while holding your current role at Emerge (compromising both the independence and security of Emerge). The Emerge Employee contract states "I further undertake to inform my supervisor or the CEO immediately if I become aware of any breech of privacy or security relating to the information I access in the course of my duties" as you are the current research director and publicly falsifying records on a former Emerge staff members history you are in direct breech of employee privacy and security covered under Fairwork Australia's employee privacy act.

If this cyberstalking behaviour continues I will also follow up with a formal complaint to the Australian Psychological Society about your conduct, and the Australian eSafety commissioner about your continued harassment.

To reiterate once again, I do not want any further contact or bullying from you or your pages and will remind you of the current changes in defamation law that makes you liable for any defamatory posts that are allowed to be published on your social media sites - Fairfax Media Publications Pty Ltd v Voller


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