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Blausen Medical, Author outline: Author: Bruce Blaus staff (2014). "Medical gallery of Blausen Medical 2014". WikiJournal of Medicine 1 (2). DOI:10.15347/wjm/2014.010. ISSN 2002-4436.


Hi MEcfsFMS, The move button was turned off to everyone but admins. So if you ever want a page moved, just flag me, Ollie, Jamie or Jen. I went to the misspelled Rich Carson page and changed the "redirect" instruction to "marked for deletion." Ollie checks the list of articles flagged for deletion and deletes them at one sitting. Add this category to any page you want deleted - Category:Articles for deletion and it will be looked at by Ollie.
I'm glad you are back on MEpedia! Kmdenmark (talk) 14:47, 11 August 2018 (EDT)


RE: extra files - I don't have authorization to delete any pages or files. Ollie takes care of deletions. You can let him know or you can just leave it as is. No worries about the unused files. Many people upload multiple copies of files in order to get the best one. Periodically, an admin goes thru the list and eliminates files that aren't attached to pages. My best, Kmdenmark (talk) 10:51, 20 August 2018 (EDT)

Delayed onset of PEM:

Hi MEcfsFMS,

The only reason why I changed your edit was because it said that PEM is "usually" delayed for 24-72 hours, suggesting this is the standard. I've recently delved into the PEM literature and I do not think that was a correct statement to make. For example in the study by Chu et al.(2018) less than 37% of the 150 ME/CFS patients studied reported that their PEM may not begin until a day or more after an exertional trigger. This suggests many ME/CFS patients have PEM without such a delayed onset. That's the reason why I changed it (and I'm fine with the current text being "which can be delayed 24-72 hours or more").

I also want to note that I allready had written that "the onset of PEM is frequently delayed", referencing to the study by Yoshiuchi et al. I wrote about the delayed onset of PEM as one of the characteristics that differentiates it from other forms of exercise intolerance. I also wrote that many patients may not realise this aspect of PEM because it is so counterintuitive, suggesting current estimates of this phenomenon (such as in Chu et al.) may be an underestimation. So please do not think that I'm malinformed or want to downplay the delayed onset of PEM.

Kind regards,