SICK: A Long Short Story About M.E.

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Sick: A long short story about M.E.
Author Glenn Doherty
Country UK
Language English
Genre Medical Fiction
Publisher Nielson
Publication date
Media type paperback; e-book
Pages 102
ISBN 978-1527226647

Sick: A Long Short Story About M.E. is a book by Glenn Doherty.

Publisher's synopsis[edit | edit source]

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An oddball group of sufferers on the fringes of society chaotically cope with their mysterious illness. The numbers are growing, the professionals haven’t got a clue, it’s time someone got to the bottom of it.

Set In North London, the story follows the sometimes feckless, Joe, who spends the little energy he has on searching for anything that can make him better.

If you have M.E. read it. If you know anyone with M.E. read it. If you have no idea what M.E. is...definitely read it.

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