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For power users of this wiki (whether as users or editors), it can be helpful to be aware of certain technical tips.

Searching the site without first visiting the site

After following the instructions below, you will be able to do the following:

  1. Jump to your browser's location bar, the bar where you enter URLs (ctrl-l is the key command in most browsers to be able to do this quickly)
  2. Enter a keyword, like "me" or "mes" followed by a search term
  3. Watch the browser load the MEpedia search results page without your having needed to first load any MEpedia page.

Here are the steps for how to enable your browser to do this:

For our case, you will need to:

  1. Add the location as either:
    1. (will visit a page with that name if there is a match)
    2. (will show the search results page even if there is an exact title page match)
  2. Create the keyword (I use "me" and "mes" for the above locations, respectively)

Potentially useful browser add-ons

  • Jump to Anchor (Firefox, Chrome) - Lets you right-click to have the browser scroll to the closest anchor above the click point in a bookmarkable fashion (assuming the website has such anchors); lets you create URLs which bring users more closely to the text you feel is relevant
  • Copy Link Text/Name add-ons (Firefox, Chrome) - Allows you to right-click on a link to copy its text to the clipboard without the fear of accidentally clicking to visit the page
  • Headings Map (Firefox, Chrome) - May be useful for browsing large documents with formal HTML headings, allowing you to browse all of the headings for a page in the sidebar and click down to where you need to go (like the auto-created headings in the wiki's Table of Contents, but in a sidebar and for any website with headings, not only the wiki).
  • Open Wiki Edit Page (Firefox, Chrome) - Right click a page on a Mediawiki wiki (with certain conventions) to open that clicked page's edit page directly.

Syntax-highlighted code editing

Select Preferences->Editing->"Enable enhanced editing toolbar" to be able to get highlighting for Common.js (admins only), Common.css (admins only), or Lua modules.

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